Chinese Metaphysics series

Have you ever heard of Chinese Metaphysics? It came from China and supposedly, some household names include Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Star Method). But, the fun part is that I have a couple of good friends from China who have never heard about it. Maybe that’s one of the success story of C*mm****m.

Let’s see, as far as Metaphysics are concerned, some of us will begin to think of Feng Shui, Fortunetelling (or birthday analysis of sorts) and Divination…anything else?

Maybe we can draw some ideas from the Chinese 5 Arts:
1. Mountain (山)
Mountain aspect is related to physical and mental cultivation and stability.
Some of the known topics include:
a)   Tonic, Diet, Treatment (As the Chinese saying goes, “病從口入,禍從口出”. Literal translation: Sickness enters through the mouth, troubles exit from the mouth. Context translation: Bodily sickness are usually caused by the unhealthy food we eat, whilst interpersonal problems are caused by the wrong or untimely things we say.)
b)   Meditation
c)   Daoism & Philosophy
d)   Martial Arts
e)   Talisman & Chants (wow, what’s this doing here? Mountain is related to “Yin”…I leave the rest to your imagination)

2. Medical (醫)
Medical is quite telling. It is related to restoring the physical and mental balance of a person. This usually results in wellness. Here I list the known topics under this category:
a)   Traditional Chinese Medicine
b)   Mental Wellness (The importance of psychology!)

3. Destiny (命)
“Destiny” is quite an ambiguous term and usually loosely associated to the term “fortunetelling”. The Chinese context of it means the emotional tendencies or the probabilities of an individual based on their birthday configuration. Like hey, if the birth chart suggests she is a very angry person always putting herself in an angry environment…what path do you think she is likely to take?
The below are some very popular methods used in analyzing one’s birthday and it usually requires knowledge of the time of birth:
a)   Emperor Star Method aka Zi Wei Dou Shu (This birthday analysis technique is my favorite!)
b)   Ba Zi
c)   Tie Ban Shen Shu (I looove what’s written for this in Wikipedia…it sounds so amazing that I want to learn too! But well, good luck trying to find the real 5 masters scattered somewhere in the world without a dragonball detector. Anyway, people sure can paint the skies for something that is “obscured”. But like most subject, you’ll usually just go “oh, that’s it?” when you have grasped its mechanism)

4. Divination (卜)
This is probably the most ambiguous category in the 5 Arts series. Divination always portray to many people the impressions of mysticism and unworldliness. Divination is just a logical sequence used for decoding “moments”. If you understand its mechanism, it will immediately become less exciting as opposed to what some shady fanatics will cosplay it to be. Let’s keep it exciting for now.
a)   Yi Jing (aka I Ching)
b)   Qi Men Dun Jia (One of the 3 gems of the Chinese civilisation…woot! Good luck finding the right calendar to plot the chart though!)
c)   Tai Yi Shi (Another one of the 3 gems)
d)   Liu Ren Shen Ke (Final trio to the 3 gems family)
e)   Date Selection

5. Forms (相)
Forms refer to the understanding and identification of features that may lead to certain known outcomes that have significant meaning to people. These features may refer to the observations in the skies, natural or man-made structures found on a piece of land, facial features, and even the natural lines running across our palms.
a)   Astronomy
b)   28 Constellations (hey hey hey, these are changing in degrees, you can’t use them hard template like what you read in the instruction manual given by your Master)
c)   Feng Shui
d)   Face Reading
e)   Palmistry

The list looks pretty long. Must we learn at least one topic (or similar modern topics) from each of the 5 Arts to lead a balanced and happy life? Can we have more control over our life if we are versed in each of the 5 Arts? If you can only choose one, what would you go for?


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