Buddha biography favorites

A Pictorial Biography to Sakyamuni Buddha. Lots of good stuffs in it. One of my favorite page is on picture 17.

Picture 17 portrays the young prince showing respect to his teachers, not out of requirement or classroom rules. But, more of a matter of personal beliefs, understanding and pure respect. Furthermore, he is a prince. He could have yayapapaya or boss everyone around by flaunting his status. But he didn’t. Looking at some of the kids in the streets nowadays, they sure got light years to go. And some of us had hoped that time would allow us to progress forward!

There are some sayings that relates to being respectful to people that you have yet to meet or learn from.

From the retrospective view,

Be humble. A lot was achieved before you were born.

The retrospective view reminds us of the past built by our forefathers or ancestors who may have made great sacrifices or fought for a very long time in a certain dark ages to give us the relatively stable social, political, economic and environmental platform which some of us get to enjoy today. Don’t ruin if for others by being a dork.

But, don’t be a scaredy cat who would be complacent with a comfy zone either. Your grandpa and grandma “fought” for you. If you take their cue, you will be prepared to “fight” for your children or grandchildren (in fact, the younger generations as a whole) if needed. When it’s time to change your clothes environment, change it. You might be able to push it or improve it further so others actually benefit from it and everyone progresses further on the rating scale related to socio, poli, eco, env and morals. Hey, did someone forget to include morals in the package??

Use the past as an inspiration and as a source of strength for us to move on in the positive direction.

From the prospective view,

From today onwards, I will not look down on anyone because they could be my future teachers.

The prospective view reminds us that everyone has different strengths or expertise. It will be no surprise if one day you need to learn from these other people from different culture, race, language or religion certain skill sets. Thus, rather than paving a situation which might lead you to an awkward and remorseful position, it may be more meaningful to recall humility and treating the people around you in that manner. So, you don’t need to get into one of those “oops, used to stepped him for fun but now he’s my boss” type of scenario.

Oh sure, not everyone of us wants to learn everything. So, some of these futures could be your allies. It could be the formation of a team with different people possessing complementing forte. Don’t piss them off now lest they be most motivated to volunteer as your obstacles just because you ask for none.

Being sincere and respectful goes a long way. Sometimes, it makes the teacher teach more than they originally planned to… like, a sneak preview or even elaborations into the final move *wink*


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