Importance of friends

HK dramas are really nice to watch. There are various themes and the setting is usually modern. The acting is natural and superb. Really love the way the actors and actress get into character and interact with each other along with the storyline. I guess this would result in the viewers engrossed with the plot development rather than being disturbed by any out of place expressions by the actor or actress.

This is a nice segment from this HK drama called: 下一站彩虹
Personally, I don’t chase this series. But, I just so happen to catch a glimpse of a portion that made me think about the importance of the right clicks, aka, friends, interest groups, cell groups, dharma groups, or just simply… plainly… friends.

Let’s take a look at the snapshots from this show:


Golden-haired shopper (middle): “The colors are matched randomly.  The cuttings are not good. I can’t believe the magazines interviewed her. The magazines must be fabricating sensations again.”


Clothes seller (right): “Miss, thank you for your feedback. Please come again next time.”


Golden-haired shopper (2nd from left): “You’re welcome. But, please go study design for a few more years.”


Still golden-haired shopper (out of view): “Go learn your fashion design properly first.”


Seller’s friend A: “Miss (to golden-haired shopper), please learn to respect others.”


Seller’s friend A: “Everyone has their own design style.”


Seller’s friend A: “They don’t necessarily need your acknowledgment.”


Seller’s friend BB: “(to golden-haired shopper) Yeah, look at your hair, it doesn’t suit your face!”


Seller’s friend BB: “Your clothes don’t match your figure either!”


Seller’s friend BB: “Your pants don’t match your legs too!”


Seller’s friend BB: “And look at the way you wear your shoes!”


Seller’s friend BB: “Go learn some respect first! OK?”


Golden-haired shopper: “I’m only giving suggestions, not here to offend you!”
*Golden-haired shopper walks off in a huff and puff manner with her display guy*


*Girls giggling*


YAY!!! All the smaller victories leading to the BIG win!

And sometimes friends play the complementary tune to the scenario. Appropriate or not, as if the streets lack the wackos nowadays. Who cares as long as it keeps the motivation of the group high so everyone can continue to do the task at hand effectively!

There are other reasons why friends are important. A less typical reason is that friends are like a walking field of magnetism on their own and will have some sort of meaning when matched into our birth chart. 7-Destiny can help you identify these noble helpful friends if you require. Anyway, that is from the Chinese Metaphysics point of view. We’ll leave that topic for another time.


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