One birthday reading per year

Numbers make no sense to certain Chinese techniques. So, your birthday data will be converted into equivalent sets of Chinese character that have deeper implications to the gear works of life. This is simply fascinating.

The year of birth, month of birth, day of birth PLUS your time of birth makes up 4 sets of numeric birth data. Each set can be converted into 2 Chinese characters. Therefore, you get 8 sets of Chinese data after you convert the initial 4 sets of numeric data. You also get a slightly different resulting set of data depending if you are converting by Lunar Standards or Solar Standards.

The picture above is an example of conversion via Solar Standards and is required for methods like Ba Zi. Conversion to Lunar Standards are required for methods like Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emporer Star Method).

There is a rumor in this birthday reading affair that suggests each year, you can only have your birth data analyzed once by an astrologer, angel reader, birth chart readers, natal chart readers or other various types of readers with whatever title they give themselves.

Read your birthday only once a year
Be prepared to suffer misfortunes for the rest of the year!

Well, my stance to such a saying have always been:

Haha, yeah right.

Let us think about why there is such a rumor in the first place. Maybe we can consider it from a few point of view.

Point of view #1: The Chart Reader dunno nuts about reading birth charts.

  1. The Reader wants to keep you as his returning customer. So, he can continue to sell you his new toys every year. Spreading fear and maintaining control is the key to success to this type of biz.
  2. The Reader wants to educate you about the “reel” way of reading Charts. Since he’s the only one with this theory, he is perceived to be more unique than the few handful of professional Readers out there. Uniqueness sells. Always. And people tend to believe in the bad things more readily.
  3. The Reader wants to ensure that you don’t ask him more questions along the way.

Point of view #2: The Chart Reader knows his stuffs.

  1. The Reader don’t want you to get confused with the mechanism of birth charts. So, better for you who don’t understand the biz of birthday readings to just stick to one reading and perform the DOs and DONTs first and let the results speak for itself.
  2. The Reader wants to keep you stay focused on as little instructions as possible. You do know all these birth data readings require your actions at the end of the day yes? Some of us like to visit every available reader out there and each Reader might focus on different recommendations. The worst part is that lots of useless advices might be taken in along the way. The dirt mixing with what was simple and good advice now becomes a pool of muck. Yuck.
  3. The Reader is lazy to answer your new questions along the way.
  4. The Reader is upholding a tradition from his lineage or master. His master said so. Therefore, out of courtesy or just following SOP, he says the same thing.

Well, if you ask me, it is perfectly OK to review your birth chart more than once every year. You know as noob chart readers back in the days, we always look at our charts every so often…


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