This Is My Life

Goodbye, old arrogant lifestyle.

A portion of the lyrics based on what I hear from the video, only ecstasy parts:

Made me a leader before I was ready to lead
Took away my hunger, but didn’t give me greed
Made me successful, when I just wanted to be heard
Give me the Light, ’cause all I need is The Word

Facing a fight, I be right there with him

Ready for heaven, ’cause I’m done been through to hell
And since I was seven, I’ve had a story to tell
See God is great, and that’s why I’m still living
He gave to me, so I’m gonna keep on giving

A certain have tried, a certain have cried

You see things ain’t always what they seem to be
And the reason I dream of Thee is He’s with me
And the reason I get through things so easily
Is by the grace of God ’cause he, sees the need to guide me
Walk right beside me
Because he knows what’s going on inside me, he tried me
Knew where my heart was at
Knew what I was thinking
Knew when I was down and out, left there mistaken
Knew when to pick me up, ’cause it got too hard
Knew when I was gonna scream out “Please God!”
And you already knew that you would be there for me
That’s why I bring you together to give you the glory

Everyday of life is a new chapter
And it’s already been foretold, so it’s up to the soul to capture
The essence of it all, the meek shall inherit the earth
Destined to ride with the call from birth
The true worth of a man, is not measured by what he does for himself but
What he does for someone else
And if you help another, without concern for all the water or gold
What you give, you shall receive ten fold later
Put that on my soul and
Put that on my life and
Everything I own and
Everything I know and
Everything I show is what I was meant to do
Everything I told you is what I’ve been through
And everywhere I been, I was for a reason
Walk through the desert, ended up freezing
Start there, end up where?
And now they know…whatever which way they go

You had been a great help to someone or some places. And they regarded you highly.
But, all the fame and ecstasy of being worshiped and praised are momentary and is a stasis trap to make us hang around longer than necessary, causing us to help lesser than otherwise possible.

So, after all that roughing, it’s time to dust off the dirt and tidy up the shoe laces.
Go to where they need you.
It’s time to move on when they only want you and no longer need you.


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2 Responses to This Is My Life

  1. Drake says:

    Yeah man, I need to kick aside some of those bad habits too.

  2. 7des7iny says:

    Well, we all have some to kick aside. Just don’t stop halfway 🙂

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