Goal with the flow

Tai Chi teaches the concept of going with the flow very well. Let’s explore this idea of “going along” by drawing thoughts from the scene of a river flowing through a given course.

Yeah man, sometimes it’s better to go along with the current than to fight it.
Rough fight or fun ride, it’s all in the mind.

We all have some directions we want to head to, some destinations that we want to arrive at, some overly colossus mountain peak that we want to climb, and some goals that we want to achieve. However, the path to it is rarely a straight one.

Some of us tried hard to cut a straight path towards our goal. But, that can be like wanting the river to grow some legs or wings and to climb onto the land, overriding its course, and trying to get a direct sail. Guess getting to the goal that way can be as difficult as waiting for the legs and wings to grow.

So, the river showed us a more natural way to go about it. Just follow the path you were given first. But, don’t forget to keep grinding the edges you want to cut across. The river did it at their turning points, keep working at it with the action of erosion involving water and other rocks.

In other words, if you have people to feed, don’t forget to keep them fed. At the same time, put your goals at “convenient locations” where you can work on it easily or think about it frequently. Muster up those persistence and diligence and do what needs to be done in small actions but over long duration. If possible, involve other people who may share the same ideals or have the technical expertise to help you with certain portions of your plan. Do not rely on your strength alone. We can only do so much by ourselves.

Keep building up the momentum for action and apply as much small actions as needed every so often. Eventually, you would have truly cut through the obstacles and built a reliable route to your goals.

Oh, and always put your goals below, like at least below your nose level. Avoid putting it on top or high up. That way, you will never stray away from your goals when you lose your footing on a climb up. Each fall will only bring you closer towards your goals.


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