Auspicious Wedding Dates in August 2012

These are the good and auspicious wedding dates (結婚吉日) for the month of August 2012.

Fireworks soar into the sky and mark a day for all celebrations.

With this post, the blog also celebrate its 30th consecutive post! Woohoo! 30 continuous posts that are not random 1 liners or 2 liners questions quotes. I wonder how far I can keep this going. Probably not very far. Well, we can think about that tomorrow.

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Now, back to the main topic which is the great wedding dates for August!

You can use these auspicious dates for the following activities:
1.   ROM date
2.   Solemnization / Vows
3.   Delivery of Betrothal Gifts (过大礼)
4.   Delivery of Dowry (嫁妝)
5.   Setting up the bed for the couple (安床)
6.   Tea Ceremony
7.   Wedding dinner / party
8.   Wedding events (informal)
9.   Wedding ceremony

The following dates are all very auspicious and lucky days for the month. You can use it regardless of your race or religion. By filtering out the inauspicious hour to avoid conducting important activities indicated above, you now have a lot of flexibilities in planning the details of your wedding event.

As the following dates are not derived solely using the 12 Officers date selection system usually used in the Tong Shu, some of the days labelled as “No Good” in the Tong Shu are actually much more usable than it seems.

If you insist on the technical info, I derived the following dates by subjecting them to the standards of very stringent and well-known advanced date appraisal techniques:
1.   Dong Gong (董公)
2.   Qi Men Dun Jia (奇門遁甲)
3.   Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦)

The technique “28 Constellations (二十八宿)” is not used because these stars are constantly moving and the old texts with the old algorithm sequence is no longer accurate.

If you need further refinement (YES, it is still possible to further rank these good dates so please spare me the story that you paid a master 188 and all they did was flip some standard Tong Shu…), you can contact your Master for further assistance. But, if you would like me to tailor-rank the best dates within a month specifically for you and your partner’s wedding, I will further refine the dates for you using the below techniques:
4.   12 Officers Advance (十二值神密)
5.   Xuan Kong Purple White Nine Stars (玄空紫白九星)
6.   Xuan Kong Da Gua Advance (玄空大卦密)
7.   Ba Zi / Liu Zi Date Selection (八字 / 六字)
8.   I Ching / Yi Jing (易經)
9.   Dates that are helpful to fertility (only if you need to prioritize this)
10.   Dates that are helpful to money opportunities (only if you need to prioritize this)
11.   Dates that are helpful to recognition and support (only if you need to prioritize this)
12.   Dates that are helpful to harmony (by default, I will rank based on this)

As much as I would like to provide number 4-12 for free, they actually require very specific detail like your birthday info. Having the birth time will be helpful but not necessary. It also takes me a fair bit of time and effort to do this next level of refinement. Thus, I apologize for not being able to provide this next level for free. Just email me at for an exact quote. Yes, I will also help you adjust the Animal Hour to your local timing.

If you need help in deciphering the Animal Hours, just read the post “Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics I – Background“.

For an overview of the auspicious wedding dates in 2012, please click HERE.

Auspicious wedding dates in August 2012…(2012年8月結婚吉日)
1 Aug…Wednesday…Not for Rat people…Avoid Horse hour
8月1日 。。。星期三。。。 鼠生肖不宜。。。 午時不用

7 Aug…Tuesday…Not for Horse people…Avoid Rat and Dog hour
8月7日 。。。星期二。。。 馬生肖不宜。。。 子,戌時不用

10 Aug…Friday…Not for Rooster people…Avoid Goat hour
8月10日 。。。星期五。。。 雞生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

13 Aug…Monday…Not for Rat people…Avoid Snake hour
8月13日 。。。星期一。。。 鼠生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

14 Aug…Tuesday…Not for Ox people…Avoid Tiger hour
8月14日 。。。星期二。。。 牛生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

15 Aug…Wednesday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Tiger hour
8月15日 。。。星期三。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

23 Aug…Thursday…Not for Dog people…Avoid Snake hour
8月23日 。。。星期四。。。 狗生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

25 Aug…Saturday…Not for Rat people…Avoid Tiger hour
8月25日 。。。星期六。。。 鼠生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

26 Aug…Sunday…Not for Ox people…Avoid Ox and Pig hour
8月26日 。。。星期日。。。 牛生肖不宜。。。 丑,亥時不用

Auspicious “Popular Wedding Dates” in 2012(2012年結婚吉日情趣之日)
2 Feb…Thursday…Not for Pig people…Avoid Goat hour
2月2日 。。。星期四。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

10 Nov (10/11/12)…Saturday…Not for Snake people…Avoid Snake hour
11月10日 。。。星期六。。。 蛇生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

12 Dec (12/12/12)…Wednesday…Not for Goat people…Avoid Tiger hour
12月12日 。。。星期三。。。 羊生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

Congratulations to all the lovely couples out there!


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Greetings blessed couples & visitors, I hope my humble blog will be helpful towards your hunt for that perfect auspicious wedding date. If you are worried about conflicting information from other sources that are equally reputable, just identify the common auspicious date and use it ^_^
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8 Responses to Auspicious Wedding Dates in August 2012

  1. Regards for this wondrous post, I am glad I noticed this web site on yahoo.

  2. I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent info I was looking for this info for my mission.

  3. emmu says:

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on weddings in August. I heard it was best to avoid the 7th lunar month (which I believe starts on August 17th?). There has been a change of plans with my original dates in September and now I am looking into July and August. I am curious about your thoughts on this….


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi emmu,
      That’s an interesting question.
      I would like you to consider the below rhetorics:
      1. Do everyone in the world celebrate hungry ghosts?
      2. By not celebrating hungry ghost, does it put them at a disadvantage compared to cultures who celebrate hungry ghosts?

      You might find some of the compilation about the Seventh Month in wikipedia interesting too:

      For Buddhists, it is more of a month celebrating one’s filial piety towards their parents.

      From our point of view, seventh month is perfectly fine to get married because we are only interested in the energy structure in relation to the couples in question. But, if your parents or grandparents at home have strong negative perceptions towards this month, then I suggest you put that into consideration because their negative thoughts can affect the ceremony unknowingly. Certain types of miracle healing or blessing prayers make use of visualization and thoughts… Feng Shui indirectly utilize that too. You don’t want them to activate any negative “blessings” even if it was accidental.

  4. emmu says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the 7th month. Right now I am deciding between July 29th, 2012 or August 12th, 2012. Would you recommend one date over the other based on our birth dates?

    Me: october 17, 1984
    him: march 29, 1978

    Thanks again for all of your help.

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