Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use

Got an email requesting me to elaborate on the animal hours given in my auspicious wedding dates posts. I will be dividing the answer into 4 main parts and this is Part II.
Sidetracking briefly: For an overview on how to select your auspicious wedding dates, go to the post “How to choose an auspicious wedding date”.

Part I: Background
Part II: How to Use (which is this post)
Part III: Tips & Tricks
Part IV: Common Concerns & Applications

Wanna meet my brothers and sisters called Year, Month, Day and Hour?

Today we shall look into how you can properly use these animal hours mentioned in your almanacs, solar lunar calendar, master’s secret manual or from elsewhere.

Traditionally…or should I say theoretically, the Animal Hour means this:
Theoretical Hour
1)   Rat: 2300 – 0100 (actually, it ends at 0059)
2)   Ox: 0100 – 0300 (same here and the rest, it ends 1 minute earlier which is 0259)
3)   Tiger: 0300 – 0500
4)   Rabbit: 0500 – 0700
5)   Dragon: 0700 – 0900
6)   Snake: 0900 – 1100
7)   Horse: 1100 – 1300
8)   Goat: 1300 – 1500
9)   Monkey: 1500 – 1700
10)   Rooster: 1700 – 1900
11)   Dog: 1900 – 2100
12)   Pig: 2100 – 2300

If you look at our watch, where the timing may be determined by the government or by certain trading organizations, you are looking at the relative watch time. Let’s call the time we set on our watch in where we stay as the Clock Hour.

If Clock Hour = Theoretical Hour, then only can we say that “Avoiding Pig hour” = “Avoiding 2100 to 2300”.

You probably already got it. There is a possible major deviation between the Clock Hour and the Theoretical Hour. As a result, we cannot apply the hours directly. Looking at how most of the masters in the market do it really scares me. What they are doing is convenient (for them and for their fans) but essentially detrimental especially if you’re counting on the boost from the hour.

The deviation comes about when our masters tell us “Just follow the clock!” because their grandmasters also simply told them “Just follow the clock!”. How do we know what amount of deviation to account for? To do that, we need to think about the original definition of the Theoretical Hour. Look at the Horse Hour. Think about its meaning for a hint. The Horse Hour denotes the time when the Yang energy (aka vibrant energy) is the strongest. So, the middle of the 2 hour frame in Horse Hour (aka 1200) is when the Sun is at its highest position in whatever country you are.

It has got nothing to do with Beijing Time, China Time, or whatever exotic sounding eastern time.

So as long as you can find on what Clock Time for the “Solar Noon Time”, you can match it to the Theoretical Time. For beginners, you can make use of this website:

Just go to your country, let’s say I will be conducting my wedding ceremony in Singapore on the 31st July 2011.
So, you will land on this page
Look to the right and notice the “Solar Noon Time” on the 31st July is 13:11.

In story mode, this means that when I look at my watch or clock, the Clock Time 13:11 is actually the Theoretical Time 1200 (mid of Horse Hour where the Yang energy is the strongest…where the Sun’s position is the highest in local condition). So, if I’m supposed to avoid making an eternity vow to my beloved during the Monkey hour (Monkey hour is 1500 onwards…there is a difference of 300 from the mid of Horse Hour of 1200), that means I add the Theoretical-to-Theoretical difference of 300 to the Clock Time 13:11 that has been identified to be the mid of Horse Hour for that day. So, I avoid making the vow on 16:11 and the 2 hour stretch from it.

If you didn’t know better, you would simply use the prescribed hour frame that most masters use: avoid 3pm to 5pm.
But, now you know! You would be avoiding 4.11pm to 6.11pm instead!

That was simple enough eh? And what a big difference that would make to Birthday Readings or Date Selection techniques!

In our next post, aka Part III, we shall look into how we can best handle clock hour VS animal hour.


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Greetings blessed couples & visitors, I hope my humble blog will be helpful towards your hunt for that perfect auspicious wedding date. If you are worried about conflicting information from other sources that are equally reputable, just identify the common auspicious date and use it ^_^
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25 Responses to Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use

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  3. dillia says:

    oh god, please confirm this, you mean if no time adjustment was done, we might have missed the actual auspicious hour for the day??

    • 7des7iny says:

      Yes. Then you have not used the auspicious time correctly. You don’t have to worry much if the activity was conducted on a good day because the good timing will just be icing to the already nice cake.

  4. dillia says:

    Hi Admin, thanks for sharing how to find the correct timing!

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  10. I always was interested in this topic and still am, thankyou for putting up.

  11. You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject and found most persons will consent with your site.

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  14. Is this “avoiding hour” just for the vow or initiating any task in general?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi there, the “avoiding hour” is mainly for vows and declarations. You can still have the ceremony start during this time or let the “filler” programs run.

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