How to choose an auspicious wedding date

Here is what I will do when I DIY my very own auspicious wedding date.

Yeah, let’s write it down somewhere in the drawing block.

1. Who are involved?
The bride and groom are always the most important leading characters. Sometimes the parents want us to take their horoscope into account too in date selections. Guests are not the main characters so we don’t have to care about their horoscope for now.

After that, I write down the chinese horoscope for each of us.
Bride: Monkey
Groom: Dog
Mum: Rooster
Mother-in-law: Dragon
Dad: Dragon
Father-in-law: Horse

2. Which month?
Let’s say I want it in January 2012. So, I will search for “Jan 2012” and use the listed dates here:

3. Which day?
If I want it somewhere in the second half of the month, I have 18, 20, 22, 27, 29, 30 and 31 to choose from.

If I have requirements like weekends or weekdays, I circle the dates on a calendar first so I can view immediately which dates I am left with.

If I don’t have any requirements like weekdays or weekends, I just slash out the days that are not compatible with Dragon, Horse, Monkey (18, 30), Rooster (31) and Dog (20).

All that is left is 18, 20, 22, 27, 29, 30 and 31. So 22, 27 and 29!

4. What activity?
I will only be holding my wedding dinner.  So I look for the days which hours are to be avoided from evening time onwards (Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat hours).
22 Monkey hour is out.
29 Pig hour is out.
So, even if I use these days, as long as I don’t conduct my solemnization during these hours, I’m fine.

But, I’m lazy to convert the Animal Hours to local Clock Hour. So, let’s just choose a day with most flexibility. Most likely, I’ll go for 27th Jan, or 22nd Jan. Just need to note to start later on 22nd Jan.

OK, if I have no choice and I want to know exactly what the Pig Hour translate to on the 29th, I’ll first go to and search for my country. Let’s say I’m conducting it in Hong Kong, so search for “Hong Kong”. Then click on Sunrise and Sunset for Hong Kong – Hong Kong – coming days

Toggle the date for “January” and “2012” and click on the “Show” button.
And now I can see that Solar Noon Time on the 29th is “12.36”. What this means is that when my clock reads 12.36pm, it coincides with the Animal Hour of 1200.

Our Theoretical Hour in shows that Pig Hour is from 2100 to 2300. Since, I just need to add 900 to 1200 to arrive at the Pig Hour of 2100, that also means I only need to add 900 to 12.36pm to get the Clock Hour to coincide with the start of the Pig Hour. So it will be at 9.36pm and this pig hour will end at 11.36pm in actual Clock Hour.

Just to play safe though, I widen the time range of this negative hour so I don’t touch it. That means, I should avoid doing the important activities during 9.30pm up till 11.40pm. It’s just an estimate down and estimate up for easy reference.

Then I scribble it down on my note book in RED so I don’t forget it.


About 7des7iny

Greetings blessed couples & visitors, I hope my humble blog will be helpful towards your hunt for that perfect auspicious wedding date. If you are worried about conflicting information from other sources that are equally reputable, just identify the common auspicious date and use it ^_^
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10 Responses to How to choose an auspicious wedding date

  1. thank you for sharing How to choose an auspicious wedding date | Things That Matters with us, I believe How to choose an auspicious wedding date | Things That Matters genuinely stands out : D.

  2. thank you for sharing How to choose an auspicious wedding date | Things That Matters with us, I conceive How to choose an auspicious wedding date | Things That Matters truly stands out : D.

  3. android apps says:

    I agree with your How to choose an auspicious wedding date | Things That Matters, wonderful post.

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  5. Gen says:


    I like to check on two things 1) Is it possible for a whole year to be not so good for a horoscope e.g. I’ve heard that 2013 is not auspicious for pigs (me and SO). Does it mean we should avoid getting married in the whole year? 2) What are the risks we run if we do not get married on an auspicious date or do the important aspects such as fetching bride, tea ceremony within the auspicious time?


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hello Gen,

      Good question. The answer can be technical and philosophical. I guess it would be helpful to contemplate why people do it in the first place.

      I suppose back then, people were trying to find a way to manage the effects of “luck”. Also, in a vast world, for two person to come together, there must be some sort of meaning somewhere. While it may not be possible to predict the future outcome of the union, people would still prefer to start things on the right footing. So, it seems like a full array of ceremonies were introduced to create the effect of “right footing”.

      But, for those of us who studied into metaphysics, we believe that there are 3 main factors that should be catered to attempt to manage “luck” more effectively. Namely: Tian Di Ren (天地人) aka Heaven (timing), Earth (location), Man (the people involved and their personal timing).

      However, the fact is that, sometimes certain factors are already fixed. Like, Earth: due to budget or accessibility purposes, we must have the wedding ceremony in this place… and Man: I know this lady since childhood, I find it meaningful to take on the world with her, etc, and we must get married next year for whatever reasons.

      Certain factors, you can’t just change because “someone says it’s not good”. So, in this type of situation, at least we still have a third factor to try to smoothen the whole equation.

      So, I hope that with this background info, you can understand the rational behind my answers to your question better:
      1) Is it possible for a whole year to be not so good for a horoscope? Does it mean we should avoid getting married in the whole year?
      2013 is a Snake year. It clashes with Pig horoscope. Good or bad, it depends on whether the clash involves favourable or unfavourable elements or if other important palaces are involved. So, it doesn’t necessary means you should do nothing for that year even though there is a year clash with your horoscope.

      2) What are the risks we run if we do not get married on an auspicious date or do the important aspects such as fetching bride, tea ceremony within the auspicious time?
      Tough question. I think any reputable practitioner should NOT be able to give you an absolute answer to the risks. Our methodologies were put together by ancestors who had that free time to witness some empirical information everyday and put together something that gave them certain results.

      And some of these ceremonies are meaningful in the symbolic sense, e.g., an army promotion ceremony graced by all the figures of authority…the ceremony said to be conduct in the most auspicious timing…imagine how you feel being graced by such high authority and given the impression of having “Heaven” to back you on such a meaningful day.

      There are also (first group) people who believe in letting nature take its course. At the same time, there are (second group) people who believe in utilizing whatever technology there is out there. In the end, both groups are happy because they got to choose the way they believe are best for their interest. Feeling tempted to “enlighten” or to “debunk” either side? But, from metaphysics, religion and cultural hints, the mind and the type of thoughts we generate are an important thing. Why not go along with their choice and see what can be utilized to give them the best result and best mindset?

      I am the second group. I use whatever seems helpful to manage “luck” even if it is just a bit. So…I would just say what are the risk you run depends on which group you belong to. For me, I only focus on using date selection for the main ceremony because the oath between the wife and husband is the most important and most meaningful in the whole union process. Having the rest done within auspicious day or hour are just bonuses and I leave it to the flexibility of the bride and groom.

      Hope that answers your question.

      • Gen says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I guess I too belong to the second group. Like to find out if there are any auspicious dates for me and my SO in 2013 (Mar onwards) with our following details:
        1) SO – 8.27am, 01/04/1983 (Pig)
        2) Me – 11.01am, 01/01/1984 (Pig)
        3) SO’s parents – Dad (Horse) & Mum (Pig)
        4) My parents – Dad & Mum (Goats)

        Thanks again!

  6. 7des7iny says:

    Hi Gen,

    I recommend the dates in August 2013 for your case.
    Just check out the post for the auspicious dates in August 2013:
    All the August good dates are compatible with pple born in Pig year.

    And only the first date is not suitable with Horse pple involved. So, you have a lot of choices there 🙂

  7. J says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    Thank you for posting this! I found it very helpful in trying to choose an auspicious date for my wedding. I have a few questions that I was hoping you would be able to help me with.

    My fiance’s mother asked a relative in Vietnam to check auspicious dates in/around August 2013 for us. (I am Chinese and he is Vietnamese.) She responded that September 21, 2013 would be a good date. Based on our zodiac animal signs and the dates you have posted, I think she is correct – but I was wondering why August 10, 2013 would not be a good date?

    Me: Ox
    Mom: Dog
    Dad: Snake
    Groom: Ox
    Mother in law: Cat (Rabbit)
    Father in law: Horse

    Also, if I have calculated the solar noon time correctly, avoiding rat hour on 9/21/13 would be 11:54 am on 9/22/13 (the next day), and avoiding dog hour on 9/21/13 would be avoiding 7:54pm-9:54pm. We would like to have our tea ceremony and wedding dinner/banquet on 9/21… What important activities should be avoided during dog hour if it is during dinner? Would we be safe if we began dinner prior to dog hour (even if it runs through dog hour / just as long as we begin before dog hour)?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi J,

      Glad to know you find it helpful.

      You seem to be in good hands. 21 Sep 2013 is good and suitable for all the people involved.
      10 Aug 2013 is not compatible with Tiger (Cat?). Maybe your fiance’s contact is taking that into consideration.

      “avoiding rat hour on 9/21/13 would be 11:54 am on 9/22/13 (the next day)”
      It should be in the evening around midnight. So, I believe you meant 11:54pm. This is unlikely to affect normal wedding celebrations since the important ceremonies are done at a much earlier timing.

      “and avoiding dog hour on 9/21/13 would be avoiding 7:54pm-9:54pm.”
      Yup. If there are any solemnization done during the dinner, try to get the “signing part” done before 7.50pm (give yourself some margin of error). It is fine for the dinner running into the time range because, like what you mention, it was initiated before that time range.

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