Buddha biography favorites I

Round 2 onto Pictorial Biography to Sakyamuni Buddha. Another page that I find most meaningful is on picture 20. It will probably also help you with your dieting routine 😉

Not many can treat all living beings with respect because of perceptions developed over the long course of time. History and cook books are not helping much either.

Many of us can draw out our kindness and perform deeds of good and honor when we see others in trouble. Sometimes, we even go to the extent of exposing our self to risks just to shield these people.

However, when we see little creatures in that plight, we might react otherwise. After all, the chicken was made to be our food, the cow was developed to be for dinner, and the lamb was constructed for a fine cuisine. Animals reared purposely for feeding our starving over-nutritioned population seems to be treated like plants without feelings. People have taken them for granted and hold a “they were supposed to be eaten” type of mentality.

Now here is the fine line that should not be crossed. All living beings that can express pain should be shown some amount of care. And I am not asking you to go conduct a crackdown or raid on the the farms. Obviously, these animals are in this plight for a reason. And even more obviously, trying to tear down a farm just because you suddenly feel for them will only incur the wrath of the farmer or rancher. It is likely to be more meaningful to talk to the farmer or rancher and let them have the decision at the end of the day.

What is more relevant for us is not to stone our hearts. Animals can also feel pain. Remember the scene of your child crying? For us, we should just be mindful of their plight and empathize these animals made to serve the abyss known as the human mouth.

If you can accept the fact that these animals can feel the pain of being slaughtered and would prefer a happy life if given the choice, then you should be able to draw out your kindness, love or compassion. From personal training point of view, you get to polish your virtues further.

This setup is also extremely helpful for the most natural form of dieting. Once you can initiate this empathetic perception of yours, you will eventually choose to eat lesser meat. And you eat lesser meat not because you want to diet, but because you feel for those animals in the farm. Your focus will shift from the hellish regime of dieting and quitting all the delicious savory animal meals TO one where you just look at where your care and compassion for animals are.

This shift of focus works the same for smoking, tidbits and drinking too much soft drinks or excessive dumping of other trash into our mouth. For the sake of minimizing or even quitting smoking, tidbits and drinking, think of your body as a group of noble living matter (cells, tissues, miracle body, whatever you want to see it as) gathered here to work WITH you to take on the challenges of life together. Therefore, respect these noble living matters. Your smoke and stuff can tarnish and kill them over time. They will feel the pain and they can die.

So, feed it less trash. Be thankful to your body for all its years of hard work and putting up with all the crap that you are feeding it. Love your body more. Respect your body more. Show your love and respect today.


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  1. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

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