If you wish to know what a man is, place him in authority.

If you wish to know what a man is, place him in authority. -Yugoslav Proverb

Those who follow my will shall flourish,
Those who go against my will shall perish.
I am so kind to give them two choices.

Remember that farm boy who was so humble and helpful?

Along the way, he learn to have his dreams.
Along the way, he was trampled by others.
Along the way, he rose…and obtained power.

At this point, he had three paths:
A) Swallow the past, fulfill the meaning that is symbolic to his position.
B) Unleash his position upon the past, make those people regret for being born and picking on the wrong person back then.
C) Use his position to manifest all his dreams. Be they good or bad, benefiting himself or benefiting others. Be it a “My dreams will let you realize your dreams!” or “Die for my dreams!”.

C) and B) are the most tempting because these paths are likely to immediately verify your grasp of power. When you push your position around to get things done or use it to get the normally unreachable pretty things into your hands, it is a direct feedback that your position does have that “wish granting” ability.

When you use your position to crush the opposition and hear them wail and cry in regret, it is another form of direct feedback that your newfound power means something immense. At least, those darkness of the past are being brightened by the suffering of those who did you wrong. It is no wonder some of those in power would go on with more atrocities if they lost sight of the surroundings and only looked at themselves, their wounds, or their pleasures.

C) still has the potential to provide a lot of good for the masses if the person can break out of the addiction of satisfying himself first.

A) is probably the hardest to get a direct sensual feedback…

So, if you want to know what a man is made of, give him authority and money. See how he uses that authority and money.

Just to be fair though, give him enough time to experience the world first before you overdose him with the A and M.


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