Fakery around the world

I supposed you have hear about these sensational news recently:
Fake apple shops blatantly operating in busy areas.
Germany tech firms tech plight in China.

What have we? More fakes and imitations. We will probably see this sort of news any place, any era… for any topic and in different degree.

Back in the old days, the Chinese Metaphysics text already hinted on such an issue within their field. It was commented that by the time there were 3 or 4 names well-known for a meta topic (like Feng Shui, or Birthday Analysis), there will be a sudden surge of 50 to 100 more names who would proclaim themselves to be experts in a similar manner.

Looking at today, even the tertiary school grounds where intellects gather have their fair share of replica works like in the cases of students trying their luck and submitting plagiarized work for their thesis.

Foreign tech firms in China, or looking at China, are constantly fearful of the possibility of their tech getting stolen and reproduced. What did Murphy’s Law say again?

Well, if such a trend were prevalent. Perhaps it might means that (at least for the time being) China is a better place to “invest” in “replica” technology (or to buy info on it??) rather than rushing in to become the target of the “replica” tech?

It is quite a pity that China has given others such a perception. After all, the great Chinese civilization had much more capacity than just imitating other’s stuffs…

Anyway, all these are happening because SOME people have neglected morals and biz ethics. They would think that it is better to neglect morals and biz ethics than to stay hungry. Then again, what excuses would they give if they hear about the people who would rather stay hungry than to neglect morals and biz ethics?


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