Auspicious Wedding Dates in March 2013

These are the good and auspicious wedding dates (結婚吉日) for the month of March 2013.

Emblem of Eternal Love

You can use these auspicious dates for the following activities:
1.   ROM date
2.   Solemnization / Vows
3.   Delivery of Betrothal Gifts (过大礼)
4.   Delivery of Dowry (嫁妝)
5.   Setting up the bed for the couple (安床)
6.   Tea Ceremony
7.   Wedding dinner / party
8.   Wedding events (informal)
9.   Wedding ceremony

If you need help in deciphering the Animal Hours, just read the post “Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use“.

For an overview of the auspicious wedding dates in 2013, please click HERE.

Auspicious wedding dates in March 2013…(2013年3月結婚吉日)
7 Mar…Thursday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Monkey hour
3月7日 。。。星期四。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 申時不用

16 Mar…Saturday…Not for Pig people…Avoid Rooster hour
3月16日 。。。星期六。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 酉時不用

18 Mar…Monday…Not for Ox people…Avoid Goat hour
3月18日 。。。星期一。。。 牛生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

28 Mar…Thursday…Not for Pig people…Avoid Goat hour
3月28日 。。。星期四。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

31 Mar…Sunday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Snake hour
3月31日 。。。星期日。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

Auspicious “Popular Wedding Dates” in 2013(2013年結婚吉日情趣之日)
2 Feb…Saturday…Not for Snake people…Avoid Ox and Pig hour
2月2日 。。。星期六。。。 蛇生肖不宜。。。 丑,亥時不用

4 Apr…Thursday…Not for Horse people…Avoid Rat and Dog hour
4月4日 。。。星期四。。。 馬生肖不宜。。。子,戌時不用

5 May…Sunday…Not for Ox people…Avoid Rooster hour
5月5日 。。。星期日。。。 牛生肖不宜。。。酉時不用

7 Jul…Sunday…Not for Dragon people…Avoid Horse hour
7月7日 。。。星期日。。。 龍生肖不宜。。。午時不用

9 Sep…Monday…Not for Monkey people…Avoid Tiger hour
9月9日 。。。星期一。。。 猴生肖不宜。。。寅時不用

Congratulations to all the lovely couples out there!


About 7des7iny

Greetings blessed couples & visitors, I hope my humble blog will be helpful towards your hunt for that perfect auspicious wedding date. If you are worried about conflicting information from other sources that are equally reputable, just identify the common auspicious date and use it ^_^
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80 Responses to Auspicious Wedding Dates in March 2013

  1. Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also

  2. leann says:

    I’m glad that i’ve found a website which i can get some info on the chinese date for chinese custom on marriage. i plan to get married in March 2013, but i can’t find a suitable date for us. I hope you can help me on this.

    Bride: 20 June 1984 Born in year of Rat
    Groom: 04 March 1983 Born in year of Pig


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi leann,

      It’s simple 🙂
      Just look for a date that doesn’t restrict those born in the year of Rat and Pig.

      For example, there are only 5 very auspicious dates in March 2013. And all of them have no restrictions for Rat and Pig horoscope!
      That means you can pretty much choose any of these dates:
      7, 16 (sat), 18, 28, 31 (sun)

      Next question you might want to ask yourself is, do u want it on weekends only, or can it be on weekdays too.

      But let’s say you prefer a date outside of this 5 dates, then you need to post it for me and perhaps I could tell you which hours to avoid using if it is usable at all.

      • leann says:

        Thanks for the great info above.
        We prefered on weekend. How about in April?
        In your reply, 16 Mar is a good day but you mentioned NOT FOR PIG PEOPLE.. My groom was born in year of PIG. Does it mean not good for him?

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi leann,

        Yes, you are absolutely right.

        If I may correct the typo:
        For example, there are only 5 very auspicious dates in March 2013. And only 3 of them have no restrictions for Rat and Pig horoscope!
        That means you can pretty much choose any of these dates:
        7, 18, 31 (sun)

        As for April, you have:
        4, 6 (sat), 16, 18, 28 (sun), 30

      • leann says:

        Thanks for your advice…

  3. Elene says:

    I’m love this website! I plan to get married in March 2013 and looking at the date 01 March 2013. Is it suitable? How about a weekend weekend in March 2013? Appreciate your help!
    Thank you! =)

    Bride: 30 August 1985 Born in year of Ox
    Groom: 22 October 1985 Born in year of Ox

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Elene,

      Thank you for your words!

      Bride: Wood Ox, yin Metal person.
      Groom: Wood Ox, yang Wood person.

      Well, 01 March 2013 is still usable for your situation. However, the hours to avoid are 9am to 1pm.

      Between 7am to 9am, and, 1pm to 3pm as well as the evening in general are a series of good timing suitable for you.

  4. Gabby says:


    Been looking around for a website about auspicious wedding dates and I’m glad I landed here. I’m getting married on March 23, 2013. I would like to ask if it is a good date for us? I hope you can help me.

    Bride: Born December 14, 1982, Year of the Dog
    Groom: Born November 25, 1981, Year of the Rooster.

    Thank you very much.


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Gabby,

      And also be glad that I am a professional in this field and I don’t just replicate standard commercial info like most other sites currently out there. Someone once told me, as a professional, I should charge $ for every single thing. And my price tag should also correspond to my level.

      I laughed.
      There is something called philanthropy of technical skills.

      Bride: Water Dog, yin Metal person.
      Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Fire person.

      23 March 2013:
      Incompatible with Horse pple. So, it seems usable for your case.
      No specific time to avoid throughout the day.

      For your case, you should avoid conducting important ceremonies in between 11am-1pm.
      The day itself is mediocre. But, if you can use the evening timing (6pm to 9pm), it will be beneficial to your union.

  5. love this website me and my fiance are trying to find a wedding date that is not going to be a bad omen some time on may 21st, 2013

    bride: feb 26, 1989 year of the snake
    groom: june 24, 1991 year of the goat

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Natasha,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Bride: Earth Snake, yin Fire person.
      Groom: Metal Goat, yin Wood person.

      Any chance to change this date?
      This date isn’t compatible with the Bride.
      If you can push it later, the 25 or 26 May 2013 are way better.

      If for some reason u must use 21 May 2013, then schedule your important ceremony with the time range of 1pm to 3pm, and/or, 7pm to 9pm.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hello, I’m glad I found this website! I hope you can kindly give me some advice as I am planning to have my solemnization and wedding dinner on the 24th of March, but I am wondering if it is suitable for me and my fiance? Your help will be very much appreciate! 🙂

    Groom: July 16th 1981, year of the Rooster
    Bride: April 19th 1985, year of the Ox

    Thank you!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Wood person.
      Bride: Wood Ox, yang Earth person.

      24 March 2013 is suitable for you and your fiance. Auspicious timing for you ranges from the morning 9am till about noon time.
      Avoid any main ceremonies or declaration after 9pm in the night.

  7. Tiffany says:

    We’re still waiting confirmation but apparently under the chinese farmer’s calender, 2nd March 2013 is a good date for a wedding.. would this be suitable for us though?
    Bride: 29th June 1986 – Tiger
    Groom: 5th August 1984 – Rat
    Thanking you kindly 🙂

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Bride: Fire Tiger, yang Wood person.
      Groom: Wood Rat, yin Metal person.

      Yes, you can use it. The stretch of timing from morning till about noon is good for you.
      Avoid any fanciful declarations after 9pm.

  8. K says:

    I’ve been looking for websites that provide good dates for 2013 wedding and glad I stumbled upon yours! Thanks for all the information ü we want a Saturday wedding and would like to confirm if march 16, 2013 is a good date for us. Otherwise hope you can provide other dates for feb or mar.
    Bride – oct 6 1982
    Groom – dec 3 1981
    Hope you can help me. Thanks!

  9. Mizu says:

    Hi, just wanted to check if these dates are auspicious for wedding?

    2 Dec 2012 or 10 Mar 2013 or 31 Mar 2013.

    Your help will be very much appreciate!
    Thank you!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Mizu,

      If you went to the respective posts, you will find that:
      2 Dec 2012 is auspicious,
      10 Mar 2013 is NOT auspicious,
      31 Mar 2013 is auspicious.

      Hope that helps.

      • Mizu says:

        Hi 7des7iny,

        Thanks for your prompt reply! Apologise as i was looking around too many websites to check the dates and forgot that I could have gone to the respective month to check…

        So generally 10 Mar is not auspicious for any chinese zodiac sign couples right? Noted.

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Mizu,

        Well yes. If they have a choice, they should avoid 10 Mar first and foremost.

        But you know, sometimes, people insist on the date for some very personal reason (e.g., date that they first met in the library in the South around X time, etc). It so happens that the 10 Mar for that year isn’t good…and for some reason, they do not want to wait any longer… Well, those type of situation. That’s when we attempt to find a suitable timing for them to offset the negative structure as much as possible.

  10. Arthie says:

    i have read on your website that 10 March 2013 is not good.
    Are there any times on that day that is suitable.

    Bride : 16 July 1984
    Groom: 17 September 1982

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Arthie,

      Bride: Wood Rat, yin Metal person.
      Groom: Water Dog, yin Water person.

      10 March 2013 is not compatible with Snake pple. Time to avoid is Snake hour.
      The day is generally better for you after 2pm, especially between 8pm to 9pm.
      But, as long as the main events are in the evening (related to oath taking between you and partner), it’s good 🙂

  11. yvonne says:

    Hi its me again,
    forgot to ask, is it that the dates you didnt mention means that are not a good day for wedding?

  12. Hi
    so glad found this website.
    can you advice me which dates is a good day for wedding, it has to be either monday or tuesday because most chinese people are free then to come to the banquet.
    what about these two dates as we both like them 11/03/2013 or 09/09/2013 is these ok? if not can you suggest a good day for us please.

    Bride: 23/11/1986 tiger
    groom: 14/5/1982 dog

  13. Katrina Tobias says:


    Me and my fiancé are getting married on March 1, 2013 at 3pm. Is this a good date for us considering the following:

    Bride: 15 Sept 1983 – Pig
    Groom: 12 Apr 1983 – Pig

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Katrina,

      Bride: Water Pig, yang Fire person.
      Groom: Water Pig, yang Metal person.

      1 March 2013 is not considered a good date. But, the negative energy can’t really do much to you both.
      If you wish to go ahead with it, just above ceremonies from morning until the Snake hour is over.

      If you are flexible about it, I recommend 9 March 2013 for you since that is another date nearer to 1 March that is pretty compatible for the both of you.

      Otherwise, you might want to consider the upcoming auspicious date of 18 March 2013.

  14. kay says:

    Hi, I chanced upon this website trying to look for wedding dates. The information here is great! My fiance and I and planning to have our wedding on 23 March 2013, is this a good date for us? What time is most suitable (or to avoid)?

    Groom: 19 Dec 1981 (Horse)
    Bride: 15 May 1986 (Tiger)

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

  15. kay says:

    Sorry typo:
    Groom: 19 Dec 1981 (Rooster)

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi kay,

      Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Metal person.
      Bride: Fire Tiger, yin Earth person.

      This date is passable for your case only if you are focusing your ceremony sometime around noon (10am onwards). You can use it if you are holding a wedding lunch or lunch buffet. No specific hour to avoid.

      If you are open to options, I recommend 21 Apr 2013 or even in June like 8 Jun 2013.

  16. KC says:

    HI 7des7iny

    My partner and I are thinking of getting married in 2 March 2013, is this an auspicious day for us

    Bride 12 Aug 1979
    Groom 25 Jul 1977


  17. Raquel says:

    I’m Thankful to a website like this to help a couple looking for the good date for their wedding. We’re planning to get married by December 21, 2013. It’s a good date for us? If not you can suggest what date should we consider. Your help will be much appreciated.

    Bride: February 19, 1983
    Groom: may 29, 1983

    Thanks in advance.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Raquel,

      Bride: Water Pig, yang Earth person.
      Groom: Water Pig, yin Fire person.

      21 Dec 2013 is not a good date.

      7 Dec 2013 will be much better for you if you’re look for an auspicious date around December period.

  18. Nat says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    My fiance and I are thinking of getting married on a saturday in March 2013.
    Could you let us know if 2nd, 23rd and 30th are all auspicious dates for us? We are exploring more dates because our preferred date (9th) was taken up at the hotel!
    Thanks alot!

    Bride: 23 Aug 1984
    Groom: 6 Jul 1985


  19. junkfoodie123 says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    My fiance and I are intending to hold our wedding dinner on a saturday in March 2013.
    Could you let us know if 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th are all auspicious dates for us? As we are going to solemnize on another day, can you provide me the dates in September and October 2012 which are perfect for us? The date to solemnize is more important than the wedding dinner date right?
    Thanks alot!

    Bride: 4 Dec 1984
    Groom: 29 Oct 1985


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi junkfoodie123,

      Bride: Wood Rat, yang Water person.
      Groom: Wood Ox, yin Metal person.

      You can use 9 Mar 2013.
      9 Mar avoid Horse hour.

      30 Mar not compatible to Ox. But it will still be a better choice than 2, 23 Mar if you need to use it due to availability matters.

      Yes, solemnization is more important than dinner date.
      I recommend 7 Oct 2012 or 25 Oct 2012 for your solemnization.
      7 Oct avoid Rooster hour.
      25 Oct avoid Pig hour.

      • junkfoodie123 says:

        Thanks alot for your prompt reply! Really appreciate it! Your words/advice really gave couples assurance during the wedding preparation period.

        9 March is taken up so i definitely can’t choose it. I missed out 16th March in 2013. Given that it is an auspicious day for all, will 16th still be a better choice for me compared to 30th March 2013?

        Thanks for your recommendation on the solemnization date. I saw that 12 Oct 2012 is an auspicious day but not for rat (bride). Say if i were to stick to 12th Oct 2012 (as 12th is a special day to us), can I? Or is there certain time I should avoid to neutralise the day.

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi junkfoodie123,

        Yes, 16 March will be a much better choice than all the previously mentioned dates 🙂

        For your case, 12 Oct 2012 is good only if you can have the solemnization between 2pm to 3pm.

  20. Niznic says:

    Hi 7des7iny,
    We are planning to get married next year 2013, looking at March period to have both soleminzation as well as wedding dinner on the same day. Could you advise us on this ?
    Bride: 19 December 1980
    Grrom: 5 July 1981

    Thanks very much


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Niznic,

      Bride: Metal Monkey, yang Fire person.
      Grrom: Metal Rooster, yang Wood person.

      16 Mar 2013 is excellent 🙂
      Avoid Rooster hour though.

      • Niznic says:

        Thanks very much 7des7iny,

        erhmm… rooster hour referring to ?



      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Niznic,

        That depends on what country / state your event is being conducted.
        It can range from 4pm to 8pm.

      • Niznic says:

        Thanks 7des7iny ,

        if its in Singapore, with this time range, it will definitely means dinner will not be good ?


      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Niznic,

        Not necessary. The dinner is just…well, a gathering of sorts.

        The key is in when you do the solemnization during the whether or any form of oath taking or declaration type of activities.

        If in Singapore, Rooster hour coincides to the range of 6.10pm to 8.20pm on that day.
        So, if you have any ceremonies done, try to do it before or after that time range.

  21. Natasha says:

    My fiance and I are intending to hold our Customary, ROM and Wedding Dinner on 2nd March 2013. Will appreciate greatly if you can advise whether this is a good date for us.

    Groom: 03 Jan 1983 (Dog)
    Bride: 16 May 1983 (Pig)

    Thank in advance!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Natasha,

      Groom: Water Dog, yin Metal person.
      Bride: Water Pig, yang Wood person.

      Not a good date for most people. But, yes, it’s a good date for you to use.
      Early morning until noon time is good for you.
      Avoid ceremonies in Rooster hour.

      • Natasha says:

        Thanks so much for your reply! Really appreciate!

        Is ROM consider a ceremony? Cause I’m planning to hold my ROM around 6pm. Thanks!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Natasha,

        Yes, actually ROM or solemnization is the main ceremony. Then try to push the ROM procedure to *start* before 6pm.

  22. KCE says:

    Hi! Your post mentions March 16, 2013 as a good date to get married, but another website says it is not. Can you advise why the difference? I am already planning my wedding on that day so would appreciate your confirmation and advise. 🙂

    Bride: October 6, 1982
    Groom: December 3, 1981

    Thank you for all your help!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi KCE,

      Well, I have a good answer for your question. It is because we learnt from different masters. And also because our understanding and appreciation of what we were taught are different. So, for your own sake, you might want to choose one source to stick to, or, choose one common good date that both website endorse.

      Bride: Water Dog, yang Water person.
      Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Wood person.

      As far as my confirmation is concerned, it is a good date for you too. Just note to avoid the Rooster hour.

      Actually, if you can wait, the later quarter of the year is more conducive for your wedding.
      If you want earlier, 28 Apr 2013 will be excellent too.

  23. karen says:

    Hi! I’m super glad to have stumble upon this website. I would kindly like to ask what specific day in March 2013, preferably Sundays, can we have our wedding?

    Bride: November 26, 1983 – PIG
    Groom: September 24, 1982 – DOG

    Is March 3, 2013 a good date for both of us?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi karen,

      Well, they did say that “ask and you shall (usually) receive”.

      Bride: Water Pig, yang Earth person.
      Groom: Water Dog, yang Metal person.

      Good choice of month.
      Yes, you can use 3 Mar 2013. No specific hour to avoid during the day. Late evening hour is auspicious for your case.
      If you are looking for an alternative, it would be 24 Mar 2013. Avoid Pig hour.

  24. Natasha's Fiance says:

    when you say start, does it mean that as long as we begin the ceremony b4 6, it would be fine, regardless if the ceremony extends beyond 6?

    Hi Natasha,
    Yes, actually ROM or solemnization is the main ceremony. Then try to push the ROM procedure to *start* before 6pm.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting this website. I was wondering if you could help me choose a wedding date in March 2013.
    Would March 11, be a good date? Could you recommend any other dates on Friday or Saturday?

    Bride:September 16, 1987 – Rabbit
    Groom: October 24, 1984 – Rat

    Thank you in advance for you time.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Jennifer

      Bride: Fire Rabbit, yang Earth person.
      Groom: Wood Rat, yin Metal person.

      No, 11 March 2013 is not good. And it’s a Monday.
      16 March 2013 works really good for you. Avoid Rooster hour.

  26. Jan Toh says:

    Very helpful & informative website. Could I also request a recommendation for an
    auspicious wedding date for my son sometime in March 2013 – preferably weekends.
    Any other favourable dates in April 2013 would also be ok.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Bride: May 21, 1981 – Rooster
    Groom: August 7, 1981 – Rooster

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Jan,

      Bride: Metal Rooster, yin Earth person.
      Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Fire person.

      I recommend:
      7 March 2013, avoid Monkey hour.
      28 April 2013, avoid Horse hour.

      • Jan Toh says:

        Thanks for your very prompt reply. Unfortunately 7 March 2013 is a Thursday. Was trying to fix the weddding in March to coinside with the school holidays for the convenience of all. Any dates in November or December 2012? Very sorry if I do
        trouble you again. Please help and thanks very much once again.

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Jan,

        Bride: Metal Rooster, yin Earth person.
        Groom: Metal Rooster, yin Fire person.

        18 Nov 2012 is good 🙂
        Avoid Goat hour.

        Alternatively, it will be 2 Dec 2012. No specific time to avoid during the day.

  27. Rosie says:

    Can two people who are born in the year of pig and rat get married in snake year

  28. Rosie says:

    Do you mean that two people who are born in pig and rat year although can marry in snake year but it is preferable to marry in another that is in 2014? Is this what u mean? In other words it is not so lucky for the pig n rat year people to marry in snake year. Is my understanding correct ?

  29. Jan Toh says:

    Thanks once again for your help.

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