Wonderful Dioptase

Another beautiful dioptase bracelet that you won’t see often!

Infinite Compassion / 無限の慈悲 (Mugen no Jiha)
Mesmerizing green. I could stare into it all day.
May I could use this as a substitute for looking at distance green trees.
So soothing to the eyes.

Infinite Compassion / 無限の慈悲 (Mugen no Jiha) closeup picture.
Notice the very nice marble-slab-like type of patterns in it.
The beads are slightly smaller than those of The Heart of Healers / 医者の心 (Isha no Kokoro).

Used for:
Enhancing relationships
Breaking away bad habits

Visit Infinite Compassion / 無限の慈悲 (Mugen no Jiha) page for more pictures and info.


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