Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012 – Overview

I’ll give you my love.
An eternal love.


If you need help in deciphering the Animal Hours, please read the post “Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use“.

Auspicious wedding dates in January 2012

Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
5 Jan Thursday Goat Snake
6 Jan Friday Monkey Snake
10 Jan Tuesday Rat Rat / Dog
14 Jan Saturday Dragon Horse
15 Jan Sunday Snake Snake
18 Jan Wednesday Monkey Tiger
20 Jan Friday Dog Rat / Dog
22 Jan Sunday Rat Monkey
27 Jan Friday Snake Tiger
29 Jan Sunday Goat Ox / Pig
30 Jan Monday Monkey Rat / Dog
31 Jan Tuesday Rooster Rooster

Auspicious wedding dates in February 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Feb Wednesday Dog Monkey
2 Feb Thursday Pig Goat
6 Feb Monday Rabbit Tiger
9 Feb Thursday Horse Rat / Dog
15 Feb Wednesday Rat Snake
27 Feb Monday Rat Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in March 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
9 Mar Friday Pig Ox / Pig
12 Mar Monday Tiger Monkey
15 Mar Thursday Snake Snake
21 Mar Wednesday Pig Rooster
23 Mar Friday Ox Goat
24 Mar Saturday Tiger Horse
27 Mar Tuesday Snake Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in April 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Apr Monday Pig Goat
5 Apr Thursday Tiger Snake
6 Apr Friday Rabbit Tiger
8 Apr Sunday Snake Ox / Pig
9 Apr Monday Horse Rat / Dog
11 Apr Wednesday Monkey Monkey
15 Apr Sunday Rat Snake
21 Apr Saturday Horse Monkey
23 Apr Monday Monkey Horse
26 Apr Thursday Pig Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in May 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
3 May Thursday Horse Horse
6 May Sunday Rooster Tiger
9 May Wednesday Rat Rat / Dog
10 May Thursday Ox Rooster
15 May Tuesday Horse Snake
18 May Friday Rooster Ox / Pig
19 May Saturday Dog Rat / Dog
21 May Monday Rat Monkey
27 May Sunday Horse Tiger
30 May Wednesday Rooster Rooster
31 May Thursday Dog Monkey

Auspicious wedding dates in June 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Jun Saturday Rat Horse
7 Jun Thursday Snake Ox / Pig
10 Jun Sunday Monkey Monkey
13 Jun Wednesday Pig Snake
15 Jun Friday Ox Tiger
16 Jun Saturday Tiger Tiger
22 Jun Friday Monkey Horse
24 Jun Sunday Dog Snake
27 Jun Wednesday Ox Ox / Pig
28 Jun Thursday Tiger Rat / Dog

Auspicious wedding dates in July 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
4 Jul Wednesday Monkey Snake
8 Jul Sunday Rat Rat / Dog
10 Jul Tuesday Tiger Monkey
13 Jul Friday Snake Snake
14 Jul Saturday Horse Snake
16 Jul Monday Monkey Tiger
17 Jul Tuesday Rooster Ox / Pig
20 Jul Friday Rat Monkey
23 Jul Monday Rabbit Snake
25 Jul Wednesday Snake Tiger
26 Jul Thursday Horse Tiger
28 Jul Saturday Monkey Rat / Dog
29 Jul Sunday Rooster Rooster
30 Jul Monday Dog Monkey
31 Jul Tuesday Pig Goat

Auspicious wedding dates in August 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Aug Wednesday Rat Horse
7 Aug Tuesday Horse Rat / Dog
10 Aug Friday Rooster Goat
13 Aug Monday Rat Snake
14 Aug Tuesday Ox Tiger
15 Aug Wednesday Tiger Tiger
23 Aug Thursday Dog Snake
25 Aug Saturday Rat Tiger
26 Aug Sunday Ox Ox / Pig

Auspicious wedding dates in September 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
3 Sep Monday Rat Horse
7 Sep Friday Ox Rooster
8 Sep Saturday Tiger Monkey
11 Sep Tuesday Snake Snake
12 Sep Wednesday Horse Snake
13 Sep Thursday Goat Tiger
14 Sep Friday Monkey Tiger
18 Sep Tuesday Rat Monkey
19 Sep Wednesday Ox Goat
20 Sep Thursday Tiger Horse
23 Sep Sunday Snake Tiger
24 Sep Monday Horse Tiger
26 Sep Wednesday Monkey Rat / Dog
28 Sep Friday Dog Monkey

Auspicious wedding dates in October 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Oct Tuesday Tiger Snake
5 Oct Friday Snake Ox / Pig
6 Oct Saturday Horse Rat / Dog
7 Oct Sunday Goat Rooster
9 Oct Tuesday Rooster Goat
11 Oct Thursday Pig Snake
12 Oct Friday Rat Snake
14 Oct Sunday Tiger Tiger
23 Oct Tuesday Pig Tiger
24 Oct Wednesday Rat Tiger
25 Oct Thursday Goat Ox / Pig
30 Oct Tuesday Horse Horse

Auspicious wedding dates in November 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Nov Thursday Monkey Snake
2 Nov Friday Rooster Tiger
4 Nov Sunday Pig Ox / Pig
5 Nov Monday Rat Rat / Dog
7 Nov Wednesday Tiger Monkey
8 Nov Thursday Rabbit Goat
10 Nov Saturday Snake Snake
14 Nov Wednesday Rooster Ox / Pig
17 Nov Saturday Rat Monkey
18 Nov Sunday Ox Goat
19 Nov Monday Tiger Horse
20 Nov Tuesday Rabbit Snake
25 Nov Sunday Monkey Rat / Dog
26 Nov Monday Rooster Rooster
29 Nov Thursday Rat Horse

Auspicious wedding dates in December 2012

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Dec Saturday Tiger Snake
2 Dec Sunday Rabbit Tiger
4 Dec Tuesday Snake Ox / Pig
7 Dec Friday Monkey Monkey
10 Dec Monday Pig Snake
12 Dec Wednesday Ox Tiger
13 Dec Thursday Tiger Tiger
18 Dec Tuesday Goat Goat
19 Dec Wednesday Monkey Horse
24 Dec Monday Ox Ox / Pig
25 Dec Tuesday Tiger Rat / Dog
30 Dec Sunday Goat Snake
31 Dec Monday Monkey Snake

Auspicious “Popular Wedding Dates” in 2012

Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Feb Thursday Pig Goat
10 Nov Saturday Snake Snake
12 Dec Wednesday Goat Tiger

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45 Responses to Auspicious Wedding Dates 2012 – Overview

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  13. Leda says:

    Is the 21st and 22nd of September 2012 a good wedding day for us? I was born on 30/11/1980 and my partner on 10/10/1977! Thanks so much.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Leda,

      Leda: Metal Monkey, yin Fire person.
      Partner: Fire Snake, yang Metal person.

      21 and 22 Sep 2012 are not suitable for you. 22 Sep is the worst of the two dates.
      So, if u only have these two choices, choose 21 Sep 2012.

      21 Sep 2012:
      Not for Rabbit pple. Avoid Snake hour.
      Additionally for your case, any other time ranging from the early morning (except Snake hour as mentioned) up till afternoon 1pm are auspicious.
      So if you can, get the real solemnization done within those time.

      • Leda says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! Why is the 22nd not suitable? Is the 28th-29th of September or 5th to 6th of October any better? Thanks so much! Leda

      • 7des7iny says:

        22 Sep is a clashing day. So, it failed even the basic criteria of for being a auspicious day.

        Other than 29 Sep, the other 3 days are good to consider since they are compatible with your horoscopes.

  14. Hi
    the 8th october 2012 a good wedding day for us?
    bride born on 23 november 1986 tiger
    groom born on 14 may 1982 dog

    Thank you

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi yvonne,

      Bride: Fire Tiger, yin Metal person.
      Groom: Water Dog, yin Fire person.

      It’s considered slightly above average for you.
      If you want to use it, avoid placing important ceremony in the morning after 10am to noon time.

  15. Leda says:

    Many thanks for your response!! We are now considering the 8th of September as it is listed in your auspicious days’ list. Do you think that it is compatible with our horoscopes? I was not sure what is the monkey time, any thoughts on that would be very appreciated! Leda

  16. Raymond Ooi says:

    Hi ,

    I am considering 8 sep for my wedding day as well ,

    My wife is born on 18 Feb 1985 and I’m born on 30 aug 1982

    May know is it a good day for us ?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Raymond: Water Dog, yin Wood person.
      Wife: Wood Ox, yang Earth person.

      Non of you are born in the Tiger year.
      So yes, it is a good day for you both!

      • Raymond Ooi says:

        Hi thank you for the information !

        I’m sorry I have made a mistake on my wife birthday her actual birthday is 7 feb 1986 , for Chinese calendar she is the year of ox , mine is 30 aug 1982

        Please advise me is 7,8,9 sep 2012 a good day for us to wed ? Thank you

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Raymond,

        Raymond: Water Dog, yin Wood person.
        Wife: Wood Tiger, yang Water person.

        Your wife is Tiger person from the Solar calendar’s perspective. She is an Ox person from the Lunar calendar’s perspective.
        In technical terms, she is a Solar Tiger and a Lunar Ox. Whilst, you are a Solar Dog and still a Lunar Dog.

        For most date selection practices, our approach is based on the solar calendar zodiacs and we usually communicate in terms of solar zodiacs.
        However, it is good to note that the older generation (referring to non-practitioners) usually communicate in terms of lunar zodiacs and they might not note the distinction or understand that there is such a thing as solar zodiacs. We have use for lunar zodiacs but we usually don’t portray it directly.

        Anyway, back to your case, 7 Sep 2013 is compatible. Just note the timing to avoid.
        8 Sep 2013 is incompatible to Tiger, so avoid.
        9 Sep 2013 appears to be good on the surface, but it is actually considered an unstable day, so avoid too.

  17. Felicia says:

    Hi There,

    Would Sat 3rd Nov 2012 be a good or neutral wedding date for us? Does it matter if it’s a neutral date or is it considered not so good?

    Me: 16 Dec 1978
    Partner: 10th Aug 1977

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Felicia,

      Felicia: Earth Horse, yang Water person.
      Partner: Fire Snake, yin Earth person.

      The date is inauspicious and not compatible to you.

      Neutral date is definitely many times better than an inauspicious day.
      After all, people want an auspicious day because they hope to get the “day to bless them”. What this means is that the couple want the energy of the day to support their birth charts (which you can treat it as another form of energy profile) so as to promote a good start for their marriage.
      So…if the day cannot support them, the minimum it can do is not to sabotage them. Thus, a neutral date is still many times better than a bad date.

      If you are flexible, you might want to consider 25 Nov 2012.

  18. fynn says:

    is sept 9 2012 or sept 9 2013 a good day to get married?
    my birthdate is 25/7/1986 and my bf birthdate is 19/09/1982

  19. pearl says:

    Hi there,

    Bride : 15th Feb 1984
    Groom: 19th May 1983

    We were thinking of 9th November 2013 for our big day. Is it a good day?

  20. Chiseled says:

    Bride: 8th Apr 1981
    Groom: 13th Feb 1977

    The geomancer has advised 12, 26 Oct 2012 & 19 Jan 2013 as auspicious dates for the both of us. We are planning to confirm with a venue for 26 Oct. Is this a good date?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Chiseled,

      Bride: Metal Rooster, yang Fire person.
      Groom: Fire Snake, yin Metal person.

      12 Oct 2012 or 19 Jan 2013 are the listed good dates here.
      But, 26 Oct 2012 is really good for your case too.
      Just need to avoid conducting any ceremony during Dog hour.

  21. Erin says:


    My fiance and I are trying to decide between 10/20/12 and 10/27/12. I have read that 10/27/12 is not an auspicious date for Rabbit, but it works better for his family. Would either of these dates work?

    Bride: 2/17/1975
    Groom: 1/3/1976

    Thank you!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Erin,

      Bride: Wood Rabbit, yang Wood person.
      Groom: Wood Rabbit, yang Wood person.

      Actually, if you can only choose between these two, 10/27/12 will work better for you despite being incompatible for Rabbit on the initial appraisal level.
      Avoid Rooster hour.

      If you are flexible towards weekdays, I recommend 8 Nov 2012.

  22. sue says:


    Bride: 5th Sept 1984
    Groom: 22nd Aug 1983

    initially thought of deciding on 2nd June as it is on a weekend, but from your list it showed that Rat should avoid that date. can we just go ahead but avoid a certain timing?

    or will you suggest we decide on 3rd June or other wkends instead?

    thanks alot!!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi sue,

      Bride: Wood Rat, yang Water person.
      Groom: Water Pig, yang Water person.

      You are fine to use 2 Jun 2012. Just avoid the mentioned hour.

      • sue says:

        thanks for your prompt reply! 🙂

        so we’ll just avoid 1100 till 1300.

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi sue,

        It depends on what country/state your wedding is conducted.
        Horse hour = 1100 to 1300 in the theory sense only. It needs some adjustment when you apply to the modern watch.

  23. sue says:


    End up we didn’t book 2nd June as the dates are too near.

    But we will most likely go 17th Nov… but as RATS are supposed to avoid 17th Nov, thus will it still be ok?

  24. J+O says:


    Fiance is Feb 8, 1984
    Fiancee is Aug 30, 1983

    is Dec 5 2012 or Dec 10 2012 is okay ?

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