Auspicious Wedding Dates 2013 – Overview

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If you need help in deciphering the Animal Hours, please read the post “Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use“.

Auspicious wedding dates in January 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
3 Jan Thursday Pig Ox / Pig
6 Jan Sunday Tiger Monkey
7 Jan Monday Rabbit Goat
9 Jan Wednesday Snake Snake
12 Jan Saturday Monkey Tiger
14 Jan Monday Dog Rat / Dog
16 Jan Wednesday Rat Monkey
18 Jan Friday Tiger Horse
19 Jan Saturday Rabbit Snake
21 Jan Monday Snake Tiger
22 Jan Tuesday Horse Tiger
23 Jan Wednesday Goat Ox / Pig
24 Jan Thursday Monkey Rat / Dog
25 Jan Friday Rooster Rooster
26 Jan Saturday Dog Monkey
27 Jan Sunday Pig Goat
28 Jan Monday Rat Horse
30 Jan Wednesday Tiger Snake
31 Jan Thursday Rabbit Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in February 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
9 Feb Saturday Rat Snake
21 Feb Thursday Rat Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in March 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
7 Mar Thursday Tiger Monkey
16 Mar Saturday Pig Rooster
18 Mar Monday Ox Goat
28 Mar Thursday Pig Goat
31 Mar Sunday Tiger Snake

Auspicious wedding dates in April 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
4 Apr Thursday Horse Rat / Dog
6 Apr Saturday Monkey Monkey
10 Apr Wednesday Rat Snake
16 Apr Tuesday Horse Monkey
18 Apr Thursday Monkey Horse
21 Apr Sunday Pig Tiger
28 Apr Sunday Horse Horse
30 Apr Tuesday Monkey Snake

Auspicious wedding dates in May 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
3 May Friday Pig Ox / Pig
5 May Sunday Ox Rooster
8 May Wednesday Dragon Horse
10 May Friday Horse Snake
13 May Monday Rooster Ox / Pig
14 May Tuesday Dog Rat / Dog
16 May Thursday Rat Monkey
22 May Wednesday Horse Tiger
25 May Saturday Rooster Rooster
26 May Sunday Dog Monkey
28 May Tuesday Rat Horse

Auspicious wedding dates in June 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
3 Jun Monday Horse Rat / Dog
5 Jun Wednesday Monkey Monkey
8 Jun Saturday Pig Snake
10 Jun Monday Ox Tiger
11 Jun Tuesday Tiger Tiger
13 Jun Thursday Dragon Rat / Dog
17 Jun Monday Monkey Horse
19 Jun Wednesday Dog Snake
22 Jun Saturday Ox Ox / Pig
23 Jun Sunday Tiger Rat / Dog
29 Jun Saturday Monkey Snake

Auspicious wedding dates in July 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
4 Jul Thursday Ox Rooster
7 Jul Sunday Dragon Horse
9 Jul Tuesday Horse Snake
11 Jul Thursday Monkey Tiger
12 Jul Friday Rooster Ox / Pig
15 Jul Monday Rat Monkey
18 Jul Thursday Rabbit Snake
21 Jul Sunday Horse Tiger
23 Jul Tuesday Monkey Rat / Dog
24 Jul Wednesday Rooster Rooster
25 Jul Thursday Dog Monkey
26 Jul Friday Pig Goat
27 Jul Saturday Rat Horse

Auspicious wedding dates in August 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Aug Friday Horse Rat / Dog
4 Aug Sunday Monkey Monkey
5 Aug Monday Rooster Goat
8 Aug Thursday Rat Snake
9 Aug Friday Ox Tiger
10 Aug Saturday Tiger Tiger
18 Aug Sunday Dog Snake
20 Aug Tuesday Rat Tiger
21 Aug Wednesday Ox Ox / Pig
29 Aug Thursday Rooster Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in September 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Sep Monday Ox Rooster
3 Sep Tuesday Tiger Monkey
7 Sep Saturday Horse Snake
8 Sep Sunday Goat Tiger
9 Sep Monday Monkey Tiger
13 Sep Friday Rat Monkey
14 Sep Saturday Ox Goat
15 Sep Sunday Tiger Horse
19 Sep Thursday Horse Tiger
21 Sep Saturday Monkey Rat / Dog
23 Sep Monday Dog Monkey
27 Sep Friday Tiger Snake
29 Sep Sunday Dragon Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in October 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Oct Tuesday Horse Rat / Dog
2 Oct Wednesday Goat Rooster
3 Oct Thursday Monkey Monkey
6 Oct Sunday Pig Snake
7 Oct Monday Rat Snake
9 Oct Wednesday Tiger Tiger
19 Oct Saturday Rat Tiger
20 Oct Sunday Ox Ox / Pig
25 Oct Friday Horse Horse
27 Oct Sunday Monkey Snake
28 Oct Monday Rooster Tiger
31 Oct Thursday Rat Rat / Dog

Auspicious wedding dates in November 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
1 Nov Friday Ox Rooster
2 Nov Saturday Tiger Monkey
9 Nov Saturday Rooster Ox / Pig
12 Nov Tuesday Rat Monkey
13 Nov Wednesday Ox Goat
14 Nov Thursday Tiger Horse
15 Novc Friday Rabbit Snake
20 Nov Wednesday Monkey Rat / Dog
21 Nov Thursday Rooster Rooster
24 Nov Sunday Rat Horse
26 Nov Tuesday Tiger Snake
27 Nov Wednesday Rabbit Tiger

Auspicious wedding dates in December 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Dec Monday Monkey Monkey
3 Dec Tuesday Rooster Goat
4 Dec Wednesday Dog Horse
7 Dec Saturday Ox Tiger
8 Dec Sunday Tiger Tiger
13 Dec Friday Goat Goat
15 Dec Sunday Rooster Snake
19 Dec Thursday Ox Ox / Pig
20 Dec Friday Tiger Rat / Dog
25 Dec Wednesday Goat Snake
26 Dec Thursday Monkey Snake
29 Dec Sunday Pig Ox / Pig

Auspicious “Popular Wedding Dates” in 2013

Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
2 Feb Saturday Snake Ox / Pig
4 Apr Thursday Horse Rat / Dog
5 May Sunday Ox Rooster
7 Jul Sunday Dragon Horse
9 Sep Monday Monkey Tiger

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  14. KX says:

    Hi, thanks for the great site with many useful and helpful info regarding wedding dates.

    Our situation: I’m Ox (1985) and my fiancée is Tiger (1986). We have confirmed 5 Jan 2013 for our solemnization and wedding banquet, after my parents consulted a temple they frequent. However, just recently, my fiancee’s parents met an old friend at another temple and she advised that 5 Jan 2013 is not a favorable date for us. Seems like a clash of opinions, so would appreciate an alternative view on this.

    We have already signed a contract with the hotel and paid deposit for 5 Jan 2013, so a postponement is likely to incur penalty. Hence, we would like to know if the date is really very inauspicious for us? And does it help if we change our ROM date but continue to hold our wedding banquet on 5 Jan 2013?

    Appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi KX,

      Fiance: Ox
      Fiancee: Tiger

      Well, 5 Jan 2013 is not compatible with Ox.
      By normal convention, I am inclined to say this date is not suitable for you.

      However, perhaps you can fill me in on some info regarding the person giving the date to you.
      1. Is the person a medium, cultivator or just a date selector?
      2. Is the person known to subscribed to any specific deity / patron in the temple (like, is there a portrait of a certain patron where he sits in the temple)?

      To a certain extent you can still use it. But, only the early morning timing is auspicious for you (around 6am to 9am).
      And, a good theme for your wedding is having lots of flowers and plants.

      Yes, the alternative is to conduct the ROM date on another date. ROM date is much more important than the banquet wedding date unless some form of oath or vow is also done.

      • KX says:

        Thanks for your prompt response!

        The person who gave us a date was a medium, and I believed is subscribed to guan di gong (关帝公). Accordingly to my parents, they did not provide him with our zodiac signs.

        Besides having lots of plants and flowers, are there anything we can do if we have to go ahead with 5 Jan 2013 for our wedding banquet?

        Thanks again!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi KX,

        OK, be sure to include your vow the promise of kindness to each other.

        One last thing to note about 5 Jan 2013 is to avoid initiating ceremonies in it within the Rooster hour. But if your solemnization is on another day then this portion doesn’t matter.

        Hope that helps.

      • KX says:

        Thanks for the advice!

        The hotel just reverted that 23 Feb 2013 is stil available and we can change to that date if we want. However, that date is not on your list of auspicious dates. Is 23 Feb 2013 a better date compared to 5 Jan 2013?

        Apologies for so many questions! Appreciate your time and advice!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi KX,

        23 Feb 2013 is inauspicious and not compatible to you. So, better to stick to 5 Jan 2013. Just remember to note:
        1. the theme,
        2. the vow aspect,
        3. hours to avoid.

        Just to let you know, by right 5 Jan is considered below average to most other people.
        However, it was assigned to you in a rather interesting manner. Furthermore, the energy structure is in a way that you can utilize. So, my 3 recommendations above merely aimed to facilitate your utilization of the day.

        Unless you have other suitable alternatives that I can identify, I would still vote for 5 Jan 2013.

  15. Kai Xiang says:

    Hi, thanks for the advice!

    To confirm, if we are to go ahead with 5 Jan 2013, we should:

    – Use lots of plants and flowers for the wedding
    – Include promise of kindness in our vows
    – Avoid ROM between 6.10pm – 8.10pm (since solar noon time on 5 Jan 2013 is 13:10)

    Many thanks!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Kai Xiang,

      You might want to avoid ROM timing from 6pm-8.15pm just to widen the error margin and to put it as timing that are easier to remember.

      One more thing which was mentioned earlier:
      -Make use of the early morning timing if possible which is around 6.30am to 9.45am (after adjusting to your solar time and including some error margin)

  16. Freda says:

    I would like to enquire a few things regarding birth of my girl and whether my ROM date was a bad/ gd /neutral date
    My hubby and I have not gone through our chinese wedding yet so we would like to find out if next year 2013 would be an auspicious year for us too.

    My hubby is born 1983 (Pig), and myself 1987 (Rabbit). we got ROM on 3rd July 2009 , 7.30pm
    Was that date a neutral date for both of us?

    I have given birth to a baby girl last year 13th Aug 2011 and people have also mentioned to me that my girl was born on a date that’s considered lucky, but that lunar month happens to be the 7th month. Need advice if it happens to be bad for my girl and what can be done for her. she was born between 2200 – 2300.

    My hubby and I plan to hold our chinese wedding 29 September 2013, after our girl can walk and speak as I plan to have her walk down the aisle with us too. Is that a good date and year for us?

    We have not planned or booked any banquet yet, so we are flexible to change to any other dates at the moment.


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Freda,

      Hubby: Water Pig
      Freda: Fire Rabbit

      3 Jul 2009 is not a good date.

      2013 is better for you both somewhere in the middle.
      Consider the dates in June 2013 period if you can.
      But since you already have plans, 29 Sep 2013 is a good date you can use anyway. Just note the hour range to avoid.

      I must apologize. I do not provide birthday analysis here.
      And also, auspicious dates are not used that way for analyzing child birth. It has more to do with the overall birth chart (meaning year month day and hour are considered concurrently) rather looking at the auspiciousness of one day.
      Please consult a Ba Zi practitioner for this.

      • Freda says:

        Since 3rd July 2009 was not a good date for our ROM , can the chinese wedding date 29th Sept 2013 do any reverse to that bad date?

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Freda,

        There is no such thing as reverse. Everyday we are creating new impression or a new story. This also implies that a good wedding date is mainly to try to facilitate a good start for the couples. Along the way, it is the constant two-sided efforts and commitment that will keep things fun and going.

        While there is no such thing as a reversal, it is still pretty meaningful to re-affirm your vows or find (perhaps new) meaning in the union once in a while. In such case, the 29/09/2013 is helpful in the re-affirmation sense.

  17. laine says:

    Hi, I just want to confirm if Sept 7, 2013 is the perfect date for our wedding? We are both tiger (1986) and both born on the same month September, he is sept 2nd and im 15th.

    Hope you could help me. thank you so much.
    This is a very great and useful site and it help us a lot.

  18. wow thank you!!:)

    last question 🙂

    Date Day Horoscope to avoid Hour(s) to avoid
    7 Sep Saturday Horse Snake

    what is snake hour?

    thank you so much!!

  19. Ohly says:


    Fiance: Rat (02-08-1984)
    Fiancee: Pig (08-30-1984)

    We are trying to target 12-12-2012 , is this auspicious for us?
    I am also thinking 02-09-2013, is this also okay?

    what dates would you suggest for late 2012 or early 2013

    Thanks in advance

    • Ohly says:

      correction on dates:

      Fiance: Rat (02-08-1984)
      Fiancee: Pig (08-30-1983)

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        Fiance: Water Rat, yang Water person.
        Fiancee: Water Pig, yang Metal person.

        12-12-2012 is very good.
        02-09-2013 not really compatible.

        Mmm, I would recommend more of September 2013 for you actually.
        Otherwise, it will be 25-12-2012.

      • Ohly says:

        Hi 7des7iny ,

        Thanks for the reply.
        Is 12-12-2012 4PM time is also good?

        Any early 2013 good dates?

        Thanks again!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        12-12-2012, 4pm certain not issue.
        It is a very good day by itself, only Tiger hour breaks it. Any other timing doesn’t distort its structure so you have a lot of flexibility.

        I have no early 2013 to recommend to you specifically.
        If you need to select one due to scheduling purposes, then at least just take not to avoid those that are incompatible to Rat and Pig horoscope.

      • Ohly says:

        Hi 7des7iny again 🙂

        is 03-13-2013 is okay?


      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        Fiance: Water Rat, yang Water person.
        Fiancee: Water Pig, yang Metal person.

        No…not recommended.

      • Ohly says:

        Hi again…

        how about 12-20-2012 ?
        and if 03-01-2013 (March 1, 2013) ?


      • Ohly says:

        another date is Nov 30, 2012

      • Ohly says:

        sorry too many dates to mention, actually these are the dates that are available on the church:

        which dates are better?


        Thanks so much

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        Don’t worry, since you put in effort to ask I will answer as long as it’s within our topic.

        Fiance: Water Rat, yang Water person.
        Fiancee: Water Pig, yang Metal person.

        30 Nov 2012 is suitable, avoid Snake hour.
        13 Dec 2012 is very good, flexible throughout the day.
        19 Dec 2012 is very good too, avoid Horse horse.

      • Ohly says:

        thanks 7des7iny for a quick answer.

        how about 12-11-2012 (dec 11, 2012) ?

        what time are the snake hour and horse hour ?

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        Where is the country/state for your wedding again?

      • Ohly says:

        We’re from Manila, Philippines. 🙂

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ohly,

        Snake hour translates to 9.15am – 11.15am.

        Horse hour will translate to 11.15am – 1.15pm.

      • Ohly says:

        Thanks for a lot of info.

        is Dec 11, 2012 is also a good day ?


      • Ohly says:

        Hi again,
        is dec 20, 2012 (12-20-2012) is okay ?


  20. Victoria Toh says:


    Me and my partner want to get married on 18/01/2013 as its also going to be his 30th birthday. But my dad said its not a good day. Is that true?

    My birthday: 11/05/1984 rat
    Fiancée : 18/01/1983 dog

    Thank you.


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Victoria,

      My birthday: Water Rat, yin Wood person.
      Fiancée: Water Dog, yang Fire person.

      18/01/2013 is actually a good day and compatible with both of you too.
      Anyway, it’s hard to change people’s perception or understanding sometimes. So, true or not true can become less important.
      Since it’s a joyous occasion, the best outcome would be to have everyone feeling joyous and at ease about most of the arrangements.

      If you are flexible to an earlier solemnization date and want to satisfy your dad’s impression, then maybe you can consider 25-12-2012. Try to conduct the solemnization around 12pm.

  21. ray says:

    Hi ,

    My partner and i would like to get married on 26th Jan 2013

    My birthday:27 dec 1979
    her birthday : 28 Oct 1979.

    Is 26th Jan 2013 ok for us?thanks

  22. Maria says:


    I have been searching for the best day to set my wedding. According to this page (if i understand it correctly) the best date for us is Jan. 28, 2013 since we wanted to have it still under the year of the dragon. Here is My Birthday: Aug. 11, 1983 and His is on Sept. 27, 1977.


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Maria,

      Maria: Water Pig, yin Metal person.
      Groom: Fire Snake, yin Fire person.

      Yes, 28 Jan 2013 is one of the really good dates you can use.
      If you are open to recommendation, I also recommend 22 Jan 2013 to you.

  23. moon says:


    Looking at 16th mar 2013 as the wedding date

    I would like to know whether this day is it good for both of us?

    Me : 15th Mar 1979
    Her : 22nd Dec 1988

    is it ok? and what is rooster hour?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi moon,

      moon: Earth Goat, yin Metal person.
      Her: Earth Dragon, yin Metal person.

      Yes, 16 Mar 2013 is a good date for you both.
      It depends on what country/state the wedding is being conducted.
      It can range between 4-8pm.
      If you are in Singapore or Malaysia, it translates to 6.30pm to 8pm.

  24. Noreen says:


    I am looking for the best wedding date for us in 2013.
    Bride: March 19,1987, year of the rabbit (pisces)
    Groom: April14,1984, year of the rat (aries)

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Noreen,

      Bride: Fire Rabbit, yin Fire person.
      Groom: Wood Rat, yang Earth person.

      August or September 🙂
      You can consider 10 Aug or other dates that are not incompatible to Rabbit or Rat if it helps with your scheduling.

  25. Agnes says:


    Can i check with you on the auspicious dates for our ROM & Wedding date? We are looking at Nov 2013. Thanks alot for the great help!

    Groom: 21 Dec 1984 (rat)
    Bride: 20 Nov 1987 (rabbit)

  26. ZY says:

    My partner and I are looking for a good date to get married in 2013. Is 7th Sept 2013 suitable for us? Is there any good dates to recommend as was told that pig clashes with snake.

    Bride: Pig (Water)
    Groom: Goat (Earth)
    Mum: Monkey
    Mother-in-law: Dragron
    Dad: Ox
    Father-in-law: Rat

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi ZY,

      Bride: Pig (Water)
      Groom: Goat (Earth)
      Other key personnel: Monkey, Dragon, Ox, Rat

      Yes, 7 Sep is a good date.
      But, August is actually more suitable for your situation.
      I recommend 10 Aug 2013.

  27. Karen says:


    My fiance and i would like to get married May 2013 (both solemnisation and wedding lunch), wondering if 26 May 2013 is good for us, could you advice us?

    Fiance: 22 May 1984
    Fiancee: 30 August 1985

    Will providing time of birth more accurate for calculation? Hope to hear from you soon!! Thanks in advance!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Karen,

      Fiance: Wood Rat, yang Fire person.
      Fiancee: Wood Ox, yin Metal person.

      26 May 2013 is suitable for you and also very good for the wedding lunch and solemnization.
      Another good alternative is 8 Jun 2013. Lunch based activities/ceremonies initiating after 10am are strongly recommended too.

      • Karen says:

        Hi 7des7iny,

        Thabks for ur reply!
        Our plan is actually tea ceremony, solemnization then wedding lunch. So your recommendation is to start tea ceremony after 10am (Singapore timing)? Also, is there any time to avoid on 26 May 2013?

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Karen,

        26 May 2013 avoid Monkey hour (6pm to 8pm).

        As for 26 May 2013, just do not to start the lunch before 10am.
        Anytime after that like 10++am to 12pm *start* is recommended.

  28. LM says:


    We’d like to hold our wedding (tea ceremony, solemnisation and dinner) on the same day between 22 Dec 2012 and 1 Jan 2013 in Singapore. I’ve checked with a lot of dinner venues that 30 Dec 2012 is not available. Would you please help us to check what other dates are suitable for us? Appreciate it.

    Groom: 24 Nov 1981 (Rooster zodiac)
    Bride: 22 Aug 1982 (Dog zodiac)

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi LM,

      Groom: Metal Rooster, yang Fire person.
      Bride: Water Dog, yin Fire person.

      My recommendation would be more in May 2013.

      If it has to be in 22 Dec 2012 to 1 Jan 2013 period, then 22 Dec 2012 itself is more helpful for your case.
      Plus minus one hour around noon is the most auspicious timing.

  29. LM says:


    In addition, if I’d like to hold a solemnization followed by a lunch banquet on 30th Dec 2012, is it ok to sign the marriage cert between 11am-2pm? I’m planning to have a tea ceremony in the morning first. Based on your auspicious date on 30th Dec 2012, you’ve mentioned to avoid snake hour. Is it 9am-11am?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi LM,

      Groom: Metal Rooster, yang Fire person.
      Bride: Water Dog, yin Fire person.

      Well yes, it is possible to have the solemnization on another day.
      If you live in Singapore, Snake hour translates to 10am to 12.10pm. So…aim for after 12.10pm.

      • LM says:

        Thanks for your advice!

      • LM says:


        Groom: Metal Rooster, yang Fire person.
        Bride: Water Dog, yin Fire person.

        I’m so sorry to trouble you for your advice on another date as we can’t find a suitable venue to hold our wedding end of this year. We’ve been searching for venues the past weeks but in vain. So, we’ve decided to hold our wedding preferably on weekends, end of May 2013 to early June 2013 in Singapore. If there’s no good dates between these dates, alternative is any weekends in June 2013. The programme of our wedding day will include tea ceremony in the daytime, followed by solemnisation in the evening just before the dinner banquet starts.

        I was told that Vesak Day falls on 25 May 2013. I would like to give it a miss for the convenience of my relatives.

        Appreciate your help!

  30. Snowsit says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    Groom: Metal Pig, yang fire person
    Bride: Wood Rabbit, yang earth person.

    I am in the UK. I am hoping to get married on Saturday 25 May 2013. Is it good to have the wedding ceremony and signing of marriage certificate between 10am – 12pm? I then plan to have the reception/meal banquet from 2pm onwards.

    If not, what are the best times in the UK for the above-mentioned events?

    Many thanks.

  31. Snowsit says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    Groom: 27/11/1971
    Bride; 09/09/1975

    If my chosen date is not suitable, can you recommend a Saturday in the spring/summer 2013 as being suitable in the UK?

    I am hoping to make deposits for bookings shortly.

  32. Snowsit says:

    Hi 7des7iny,

    Also, further information, if this helps:

    Bride’s Mum: Ox
    Bride’s Dad: Rat
    Groom’s Mum: Ox
    Groom’s Dad: Ox

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Snowsit,

      Groom: Metal Pig, yang Fire person.
      Bride: Wood Rabbit, yang Earth person.
      Other key personnel: Ox, Rat

      Congratulations, you got an auspicious date on your own 🙂
      Yes, no problem with those timings.
      The only time you want to avoid conducting any oath or ceremonies on that day is 6pm-8pm.

  33. Ryan Swingle says:

    Hi there.

    Can you tell me if April 6th is a good wedding date for for an 11-24-86 (bride) and 2-27-86 (groom)- both tigers.

    I know it says to avoid the monkey hour– is there anything else we should be mindful of?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Ryan Swingle says:

      (We are in Orlando, Florida-USA)

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Ryan,

        Bride: Fire Tiger, yang Water person.
        Groom: Fire Tiger, yang Water person.

        Yes, 6 Apr 2013 is good for you both.

        Monkey hour translates to avoiding oath and ceremonies between 4.30pm to 6.30pm.
        No other special thing to be mindful of. Just need to get preparations going for it 🙂

  34. Cecy says:

    Hi there,

    Can you please give me some suitable dates in February and March 2013 that falls on a Saturday?

    Bride: Ox
    Groom: Pig
    Bride’s mum: Ox
    Groom’s mum: Ox
    Groom’s dad: Monkey

    Thank you!!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Cecy,

      Bride: Ox
      Groom: Pig
      Other key personnel: Ox, Monkey

      9 Feb 2013 is really good for you. Just avoid snake hour.

      • Cecy says:

        Thank you so much!! Just another question – there are tables of auspicious dates online but 9 feb is not listed (there were no auspicious Saturdays in Feb). Can you please explain the difference?

        Thank you!!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Cecy,

        Usually there’s only 3 main reasons for the differences:
        1. We learnt from different masters,
        2. We have a varying degree of appreciation of what we were taught,
        3. We have different experiences.

        But, since you dunno us, and if you want to safest way on it, just find a date that coincides in the main websites you are looking at.

  35. Eugene Chua says:

    We are looking to hold our wedding on the 29 March 2013. We were wondering if this is an ok date. Understand that day isn’t an auspicious date but we want to know if there are any clashes.
    Fiance: 19 Nov 1985
    Fiancee: 10 June 1985
    Groom Parents: Rooster 1957(both parents)
    Bride Parents: dad is rabbit 1951, mum is dragon 1952

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Fiance: Wood Ox, yang Water person.
      Fiancee: Wood Ox, yang Metal person.
      Other key personnel: Rooster, Rabbit, Dragon

      Well, there are no clashes on this day. Avoid Horse. After Horse hour is better.
      Aim for ceremony during the Dog hour if you are having wedding dinner.

      Anyway, if you are open to alternatives, I recommend these dates:
      18 March 2013 (Monday), avoid Goat hour.
      30 March 2013 (Saturday), avoid Snake hour.

  36. Metal Monkey says:

    Hi!!! You provide excellent DIY instructions but I seem unable to reach any conclusion. Can you help? We would like to get married on a Saturday in March, April, or May 2013.

    Bride: 10-21-1980 (Metal Monkey)
    Groom: 2-12-1981 (Metal Rooster)

    Thank you very much!!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Metal Monkey,

      Bride: Metal Monkey, yin Fire person.
      Groom: Metal Rooster, yang Wood person.

      Well, due to your parameters, I recommend:
      16 March 2013, avoid Rooster hour.

  37. char says:


    Can you please advise which sat/sun would you recommend? I would like to have my wedding on jan 2013.

    Bride: 3feb85


    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi char,

      Bride: Wood Rat, yin Water person.
      Groom: Water Pig, yin Water person.

      I recommend:
      26 Jan 2013, avoid Monkey hour.

      • char says:


        My family thinks 26jan is too near to CNY. Do you think 5th, 6th or 12th Jan 2013 is ok?
        Thanks again.


      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Char,

        Bride: Wood Rat, yin Water person.
        Groom: Water Pig, yin Water person.

        26 Jan 2013 still gives u 2 weeks to CNY.

        If that’s the case, 6 Jan 2013 is also good. Avoid Monkey hour too.

  38. Ohly says:

    hi again,

    Fiance: (02-08-1984) Water Rat, yang Water person.
    Fiancee: (08-30-1983) Water Pig, yang Metal person.

    is 12-20-2012 is a good day ?

  39. Cecy says:

    Thanks for explaining that – I’ve been a bit confused with all the different dates! Can you please tell me when snake hour is? Also, I’ll be having the tea ceremony in the morning, and the church in the afternoon – I’m not too sure which to prioritise for the good hours?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Cecy,

      Snake hour depends on what country/state you are conducting the wedding. Perhaps you could update me your country/state.

      Half the times, “good hours” are used as a last resort to offset negative aspect when the day itself is questionable.
      In this case though, you do not need to tap into any specific good hours because 9 Feb 2013 is a very good day and compatible for your use. So, the day is actually highly flexible.

      It looks good since the ceremony is conducted in the church in the afternoon which is very likely to be out of the range of the Snake hour.
      The priority is actually the ceremony and the oath taking done in the church.

      • Cecy says:

        Oh ok.. I’m from Melbourne, Australia 🙂

        I also heard that next year is the year of the snake and it isn’t good for Pig horoscopes. Since my fiance is born in the year of the pig, would this be an issue?

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Cecy,

        Snake hour translates to avoiding 10.30am to 12.30pm on 9 Feb 2013.

        Snake year not good for Pig horoscopes is a rudimentary form of analysis.
        Most people wouldn’t really care or want to wait another year… just to find out that the following Horse year is not good for their Rat horoscopes partner again.
        So comes the auspicious wedding dates to get things done right away.

  40. sgahbao says:

    Hi, im thinking to have my wedding on 21st Sep 2013.
    My wife: Rabbit
    Me : Goat
    What are the Auspicious dates in 2013 for us to get married?
    Many thanks!!!

    • sgahbao says:

      Hi, to be more exact,
      my wife dob: 21 April 1987
      me: 31st Oct 1979
      Many thanks!!!

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi sgahbao,

        wife dob: Fire Rabbit, yang Metal person.
        sgahbao: Earth Goat, yin Metal person.

        21 Sep 2013 is good. Avoid Dog hour.
        1 Oct 2013 is good too. Avoid Dog hour still.

  41. Wruk says:

    I am intending to get married late 2013, preferably between the 2nd half of November to early December. I wish to know if there is any preferable date or dates we should definitely avoid. We will be holding our tea ceremony on this date.

    My Fiance’s birthday: 15 April 1983
    My Birthday: 27 February 1988

    Many thanks in advance!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Wruk,

      Fiance: Water Pig, yin Water person.
      Wruk: Earth Dragon, yang Water person.

      I recommend:
      20 Nov 2013. Avoid Dog Rat hour.
      15 Dec 2013. Avoid Snake hour.

  42. Yen says:

    Hi Destiny..
    I heard an elder woman says that if bring our ‘ba zhi’ to temple to choose wedding date, it is not good to carry forward to next lunar year. Is this true?
    I think this she mean if wants next year dates, go temple to choose after CNY 2013.

    If i follow what she says and i prefer to married early of the year, like March – May, i will be very very rush. So i might not going to choose date in temple.
    So I really need your help on selecting my wedding date.
    Bride DOB : 20 June 1984
    Groom DOB: 03 March 1983

    Can you provide me few dates.
    I prefer on weekend, and my grandma says NO to month of 5,6 & 7 in chinese lunar calender.
    Please Help me.
    Many thanks to you.

  43. Yen says:

    Groom DOB: 4 March 1983

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Yen,

      Well, if we look at this question from the point of view that “things happen for a reason”, then I see it unreasonable that everyone will follow the same tradition forever.

      Besides, every place may have their house rules for some reason. So, I can only say it is considerate of you want to stay true to their procedures.

      At least here, and for those of us who derive our auspicious dates from calculation basis, we don’t have such rules.

      Bride: Water Rat, yin Wood person.
      Groom: Water Pig, yin Metal person.

      April is actually good for you.
      But, there are no suitable weekend date for you.
      The closest you can use is:
      20 April 2013. Avoid Snake hour.

      Next good recommendation:
      20 October 2013. Avoid Pig hour.

      • yen says:

        20 april 2013 is a Saturday.. it is good enough..
        I’m confused on the hours to avoid.
        As you say to avoid snake hour means from 9am to 11am.
        What ceremony we should not do at that time?
        On that day we will fetch bride and tea ceremony.

  44. Frances says:

    Hi Destiny

    I was advised to have my wedding ceremony on 1 November 2012, auspicious hours are from 11-2.59pm. We are located in Perth, Western Australia.

    My dob : 13 June 1960 (Metal Rat, Ren Water person)
    My fiance dob : 10 March 1953 (Water Snake, Geng Metal person)

    Is it a good date for our wedding vows? Kindly advise.

    I’m so confused, as different paying person tells me different things.

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    Frances (Ms)

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Frances,

      My dob : Metal Rat, Ren Water person.
      My fiance dob : Water Snake, Geng Metal person.

      1 Nov 2012 by itself is indeed an auspicious day.
      November is a suitable month for you to use.

      If you ask me though, I would prefer to recommend 10 Nov 2012. Avoid Snake hour. Solemnization in the night time is good if you have a wedding dinner to go along with it.

      My fair statement will be: It will only get more confusing as you ask more and more people about it.
      What I can do for you is to let me hear what you were given and I will cast my votes among what you have.

      • Frances says:

        Thank you Destiny. I was only given this date, 1 November 2012, 11am-14.59pm for ceremony signing.

        My Fiance is a Water Snake, will it clash with the Yi Hai (Wood Pig) Day on 10 November 2012? What is a suitable hour for signing the paperwork? Reception will follow thereafter.

        It will be a small and intimate wedding for only 10 pple in Perth, but as this is my one and only wedding, I want it to be right and a happy one.

        I truly appreciate your kind assistance, Destiny.

        Warm regards

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Frances,

        Yes there is a clash on the surface but he can use that day.
        Night time is actually best on 10 Nov 2012 for your case.

        So, depending whether you are having lunch or dinner, you can vary between 1 Nov 2012 or 10 Nov 2012.
        There are only the hours to avoid that breaks the auspiciousness of the day.
        Generally, I don’t advocate specific “auspicious hours” to abide to on days that are very auspicious. So that means you have a lot of flexibility as long as u avoid the negative hour range.

      • Frances says:

        Hi Destiny

        U mean u r recommending 10 Nov 2013? That’s very far ahead.

        How about 2 November 2012 (Fri)? What r the auspicious hrs for the ceremony?

        Bride – 13 June 1960 (Day- Ren Shen (Water Monkey), Metal Rat year)
        Groom – 10 March 1953 (Day – Geng Shen (Metal Monkey), Water Snake year)

        Thank you


  45. Bren says:

    Hi Destiny , we are looking to hold our ROM & wedding ceremony somewhere around late Oct – Dec 2013. Here’s our respective horoscope :
    Groom : 06 Nov 1987 ( rabbit )
    Bride : 30 Nov 1986 ( tiger )
    Groom’s parent & bride’s dad : 1954 ( horse )
    Bride’s mom: 1956 ( monkey )

    Could we get your help to calculate the auscpious date for us?

    Thank you so much 🙂

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Bren,

      Groom : 06 Nov 1987 ( rabbit ) Fire Rabbit, yin Earth person.
      Bride : 30 Nov 1986 ( tiger ) Fire Tiger, yang Earth person.
      Other key personnel: Horse, Monkey

      I recommend:
      9 Nov 2013. Avoid Pig hour.
      15 Dec 2013. Avoid Snake hour.

      • Bren says:

        Hello destiny thank you for your advice.. However I’m not sure what the animal hour time means.. Can u pls explain more to me? What should I avoid dd at such timing ?

      • 7des7iny says:

        It depends on what country/state you are conducting the wedding. Perhaps you can give me some detail on that part first.

  46. Wen says:

    Hi, my fiance and I are planning to have our wedding, together with solemnization, in the year 2013. We are looking to have it on a Saturday with the solemnization in the late afternoon (about 530-630pm). Can you please help to advise which date (and timing) will be good to do so? Pretty new to this so need some help here. Thanks a lot!

    Bride: tiger, 27 Mar 1986
    Groom: tiger, 12 May 1986

    • Wen says:

      Forgot to mention, we are having the ceremony in Singapore.

      • 7des7iny says:

        Hi Wen,

        Bride: Fire Tiger, yang Metal person.
        Groom: Fire Tiger, yang Fire person.

        6 Apr 2013. Avoid Monkey hour which is 4pm – 6.10pm.
        21 Sep 2013. Avoid Dog hour which is 8pm – 10pm (no problem if your dinner starts earlier and extends to this range).

  47. Jia says:

    Hi, we are looking to hold our wedding ROM, tea ceremony and dinner on 19 October 2013, Saturday, Singapore time.

    Groom is Dog, 1982. Bride is Pig, 1983.

    Is this date suitable since it does state generally auspicious date? Also, the table says clashes with Rat. Does that mean that the people involved in the wedding, ROM, tea ceremony cannot be of the Rat sign? Also, when is the Tiger hour? Does it mean that the ceremonies should not be during this hour?
    As this whole concept is foreign to both of us, would really appreciate any assistance we can get! Thanks so much.

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Jia,

      Groom: Water Dog
      Bride Water Pig

      Good news, it’s a suitable date for you both.
      The clash with Rat part merely means that Rat people might want to avoid choosing this date in general because it may or may not be compatible to them until further looked into.
      It does not refer to everyone. It mainly refers to the Bride and Groom first. Then perhaps extended to towards the horoscope of the witnessing party (but this part is really optional).

      Tiger hour is usually early in the mornings like 3am to 6am. So it won’t affect normal ceremonies since normal people won’t do their oath taking or solemnization at such hours.

  48. Bren says:

    Hello destiny , so sorry for leaving out this details. Wedding will b held in Singapore 🙂

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