1. Who are you?

I am just a respectful and hardworking person like you. But, with an immense interest (aka love) in the rational and methodology aspect of the Chinese metaphysical art of date selection.

2. Who did you learn from?

From more than one Master, from different parts of the world.

3. How long have you been doing this?

More than five years. How many times of that five, I leave it to your curiosity. Though I must also add that, someone who is properly trained and taught without all the fluffs can be good in less than a year. Whilst, someone who was just taught “My Master Says” might not be able to do a proper job even if he has been practicing for 50 years. Generally, it takes about two to three years for practitioners to be proficient with what they have learnt.

Back to answering this question. In other words, long enough to do date selections properly. But as for blogging, it is something that I only learn recently.

4. Can I see your photo?

7-Destiny is a concept that aims to override the fixation and celebration of a person. Judge me by the articles I write and the responses that I give, i.e., appraise me by my actions.

Maybe you can also think of it as since I don’t incur any branding costs, my rates (for any paid services I might provide subsequently) can always be kept extremely minimal or competitive.

5. Why are you providing most parts of these auspicious wedding dates information for free? What is the catch?

I would say that “philanthropy of skills” and “improving public knowledge” are the two biggest motivation.

As for the catch, I just hope that you will happily use your time to help others who may need your skills or knowledge once in a while too. Please refer to my philosophy and concept over here:
a) Donate Graciously
b) About 7-Destiny

At the same time, traditions are a good thing. So, I want to emphasize that it is still very meaningful (and fun) to visit an actual practitioner out there in their office to hear what they have to say and to consider their help with your marriage date selection. This is especially if you prefer to interact with a practitioner face-to-face. You probably just spend this money once in your lifetime yes?

6. Are your auspicious wedding dates the same as those listed in the Tong Shu?

My auspicious dates are filtered through more stringent standards. And certain dates that are good in Tong Shu are just not good enough at all. Whilst certain dates that are considered not suitable for marriage can actually be used with lots of delight.

So, a fair answer would be:
The auspicious wedding dates that I provide are not copied off from the Tong Shu. They are derived with other more advanced methods. But, the end result is that these auspicious dates may coincide with those listed in the Tong Shu. If you dunno who to trust and want to play it safest, just use an auspicious wedding dates that are listed by most of us, including the Tong Shu, and recommendations given by other practitioners. Simple Mathematics “Intersection of Sets” concept.

7. Why is it that you don’t provide the auspicious time for your auspicious dates?

It is because there is a concept for date selection that is more fundamental and important.
It is called “吉中避兇,兇中求吉”, which translates contextually to “Avoid the timing that can distort the auspiciousness of the day, and, lessen the negativity of a bad day with the right timing”.

As you have guessed correctly, this implies that there is great flexibility when the day itself is auspicious in the first place. You just have to avoid the timing that breaks the auspiciousness. And also, an auspicious time is pretty crucial when the day itself is bad.

If the day you have chosen is really auspicious, most likely, you do not need to conduct the meaningful ceremonies during some strange donkey hours.


2 Responses to FAQ

  1. suzanne says:

    i am looking for suitable wedding dates this year preferably between the month october to december. my birth date 08-10-80 (monkey) and my fiance birth date 20-07-79 (goat).
    thanks, your help is much appreciated.


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