Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2013

These are the good and auspicious wedding dates (結婚吉日) for the month of January 2013.

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You can use these auspicious dates for the following activities:
1.   ROM date
2.   Solemnization / Vows
3.   Delivery of Betrothal Gifts (过大礼)
4.   Delivery of Dowry (嫁妝)
5.   Setting up the bed for the couple (安床)
6.   Tea Ceremony
7.   Wedding dinner / party
8.   Wedding events (informal)
9.   Wedding ceremony

If you need help in deciphering the Animal Hours, just read the post “Animal Hour in Chinese Metaphysics II – How to Use“.

For an overview of the auspicious wedding dates in 2013, please click HERE.

Auspicious wedding dates in January 2013…(2013年1月結婚吉日)
3 Jan…Thursday…Not for Pig people…Avoid Ox and Pig hour
1月3日 。。。星期四。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 丑,亥時不用

6 Jan…Sunday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Monkey hour
1月6日 。。。星期日。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 申時不用

7 Jan…Monday…Not for Rabbit people…Avoid Goat hour
1月7日 。。。星期一。。。 兔生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

9 Jan…Wednesday…Not for Snake people…Avoid Snake hour
1月9日 。。。星期三。。。 蛇生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

12 Jan…Saturday…Not for Monkey people…Avoid Tiger hour
1月12日 。。。星期六。。。 猴生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

14 Jan…Monday…Not for Dog people…Avoid Rat and Dog hour
1月14日 。。。星期一。。。 狗生肖不宜。。。 子,戌時不用

16 Jan…Wednesday…Not for Rat people…Avoid Monkey hour
1月16日 。。。星期三。。。 鼠生肖不宜。。。 申時不用

18 Jan…Friday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Horse hour
1月18日 。。。星期五。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 午時不用

19 Jan…Saturday…Not for Rabbit people…Avoid Snake hour
1月19日 。。。星期六。。。 兔生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

21 Jan…Monday…Not for Snake people…Avoid Tiger hour
1月21日 。。。星期一。。。 蛇生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

22 Jan…Tuesday…Not for Horse people…Avoid Tiger hour
1月22日 。。。星期二。。。 馬生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

23 Jan…Wednesday…Not for Goat people…Avoid Ox and Pig hour
1月23日 。。。星期三。。。 羊生肖不宜。。。 丑,亥時不用

24 Jan…Thursday…Not for Monkey people…Avoid Rat and Dog hour
1月24日 。。。星期四。。。 猴生肖不宜。。。 子,戌時不用

25 Jan…Friday…Not for Rooster people…Avoid Rooster hour
1月25日 。。。星期五。。。 雞生肖不宜。。。 酉時不用

26 Jan…Saturday…Not for Dog people…Avoid Monkey hour
1月26日 。。。星期六。。。 狗生肖不宜。。。 申時不用

27 Jan…Sunday…Not for Pig people…Avoid Goat hour
1月27日 。。。星期日。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 未時不用

28 Jan…Monday…Not for Rat people…Avoid Horse hour
1月28日 。。。星期一。。。 豬生肖不宜。。。 午時不用

30 Jan…Wednesday…Not for Tiger people…Avoid Snake hour
1月30日 。。。星期三。。。 虎生肖不宜。。。 巳時不用

31 Jan…Thursday…Not for Rabbit people…Avoid Tiger hour
1月31日 。。。星期四。。。 兔生肖不宜。。。 寅時不用

Auspicious “Popular Wedding Dates” in 2013(2013年結婚吉日情趣之日)
2 Feb…Saturday…Not for Snake people…Avoid Ox and Pig hour
2月2日 。。。星期六。。。 蛇生肖不宜。。。 丑,亥時不用

4 Apr…Thursday…Not for Horse people…Avoid Rat and Dog hour
4月4日 。。。星期四。。。 馬生肖不宜。。。子,戌時不用

5 May…Sunday…Not for Ox people…Avoid Rooster hour
5月5日 。。。星期日。。。 牛生肖不宜。。。酉時不用

7 Jul…Sunday…Not for Dragon people…Avoid Horse hour
7月7日 。。。星期日。。。 龍生肖不宜。。。午時不用

9 Sep…Monday…Not for Monkey people…Avoid Tiger hour
9月9日 。。。星期一。。。 猴生肖不宜。。。寅時不用

Congratulations to all the lovely couples out there!


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Greetings blessed couples & visitors, I hope my humble blog will be helpful towards your hunt for that perfect auspicious wedding date. If you are worried about conflicting information from other sources that are equally reputable, just identify the common auspicious date and use it ^_^
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11 Responses to Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2013

  1. H says:

    Hi – it’s me again. You previously advised that 12 January 2013 was a good day for the bride and groom. But if the bride’s parents are born in 1956 (Pig), is 12 January 2013 no longer a good day? Does the birthdates of the parents matter that much?

    • H says:

      I have the details now:

      Bride: 1979 (Goat)
      Groom: 1978 (Horse)
      Bride’s parents both: 1956 (Pig)
      Groom’s mum: 1948 (Rat)
      Groom’s dad: 1939 (Rabbit)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. H says:

    Sorry, I meant to say that 1956 is the year of the Monkey! 😀 Does it matter?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi H,

      Ah I see. From our point of view, the main criteria is the couple involved. Parents not clashing with the day is a good practice to have but not imperial.

      So, if you are open to more choices, you can consider finding another day so you can save on the explanation and spare them the thoughts about the day “clashes with them”.

      But, if the Bride’s parents are open-minded about date selection in the first place, and if you have a limit on what days you can conduct it on and the auspicious dates are limited within that criteria….then, stick to the original plan.

  3. Caz Lee says:

    Hi I am planning on having my wedding in 2013 possibly in March on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Bride – 1985 Ox
    Groom – 1985 Ox

    What is the best date in March? I was looking at the 9th of March 2013, as i heard the Year of the Dragon is not a good year for Ox to be married, hence i didnt choose a february date.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi Caz Lee,

      Bride: Wood Ox
      Groom: Wood Ox

      You will find the dates in the month of March more relevant:

      There are only five truly auspicious dates in that month. Fortunately, four are compatible with Ox.

      9 March 2013 is an above average date. But, it is still not good enough to be qualified as auspicious under my standards. If you want to use it, just avoid scheduling important ceremonies during the Horse hour.

      The year of the Dragon is over after 4 Feb 2013. Perhaps you can consider dates that are after that day.

  4. rk says:

    Hi, are these auspicious dates based on the Tong Shu? Thanks.

    • 7des7iny says:

      No they are not exactly based on the Tong Shu. But, the Tong Shu concepts used to qualify them as good wedding dates are used. Therefore, a number of the dates here might coincide with the Tong Shu dates.

      If you need Tong Shu dates, you can just buy one and refer to it.
      Certain good dates in Tong Shu fail my standards. Also, certain really good dates are omitted by the Tong Shu. In short, there is no point for me to replicate market stuff.

      So, if in doubt, you can always find a date that coincides here and in the Tong Shu.

  5. KM says:

    We are planning our wedding for 4th January 2013
    My partner is a tiger (1974) & I am a snake (1977)
    What does this date behold?

    • 7des7iny says:

      Hi KM,

      KM: Fire Snake
      Partner: Wood Tiger

      It an inauspicious date that is in conflict with the ruling month.
      May I recommend you to consider another date that does not mention incompatibility to Snake and Tiger

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